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Madurai (Tamil Nadu)
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Thiagarajar College Of Engineering, Madurai, 625015

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Course programme

Course Structure
Semester I
ARA 11 Principles of Architecture-I

ARA 12 Mathematics
ARA 13 History of Architecture - I
Theory / Studio
ARA 14 Communicative English
ARA 15 Materials and Construction -I
ARA 16 Architectural Graphics-I

Semester II
ARA 21 Principles of Architecture-II
ARA 22 Mechanics of Structures - I
ARA 23 History of Architecture - II
ARA 24 Environmental Sciences
Theory / Studio
ARA 25 Materials & Construction - II

Semester III
ARA 31 Climatology
ARA 32 Mechanics of Structures - II
ARA 33 History of Architecture - III
ARA 34 Building Services -I
Theory / Studio
ARA 35 Materials and Construction -III Studio
ARA 36 Computer Studio-I
ARA 37 Architectural Design- II

Semester IV
ARA 41 Site Planning
ARA 42 Analysis and Design of Structures-I
ARA 43 History of Architecture - IV
ARA 44 Building Services -II
Theory / Studio
ARA 45 Materials and
Construction -IV Studio
ARA 46 Computer Studio-II
ARA 47 Architectural Design - III

Semester V
ARA 51 Architectural Acoustics
ARA 52 Analysis and Design oStructures-II
ARA 53 History of Architecture -V
ARA 54 Building Services - III
ARA 55 *Elective - I
Theory / Studio
ARA 56 Materials and Construction -V
ARA 57 Architectural Design - IV

Semester VI
ARA 61 Elements and Principles of Interior Design
ARA 62 Analysis and Design of Structures-III
ARA 63 History of Architecture -VI-
ARA 64 Specification and Estimation
ARA 65 *Elective - II
Theory / Studio
ARA 66 Materials and
Construction -VI

Semester VII
C71 Network Security
C72 Software Testing Techniques
C73 Advanced databases
C74 Organizational Behavior
C7X Elective-I
C7Y Elective-II
C77 Applications development lab Using DB2
C78 Software testing Laboratory

Semester VIII
ARA 81 Urban Economics & Sociology
ARA 82 Analysis and Design of Structures-IV
ARA 83 Human Settlement Planning
ARA 84 Professional
ARA 85 *Elective - III
ARA 86 *Elective - IV

Semester IX
ARA 91 Housing
ARA 92 Landscape & Ecology
ARA 94 *Elective - VI

Semester X
ARA *Elective - VII
*Elective - VIII


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