B.E in Information Technology : Fundamentals of Management

Somany (PG) Institute of Technology & Management.
In Rewari

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Typology Bachelor
Location Rewari
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Rewari
  • Duration:
    4 Years

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NH-8, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Garhi Bolni Road, Rewari, 123401, Haryana, India
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Starts On request
NH-8, Delhi Jaipur Highway, Garhi Bolni Road, Rewari, 123401, Haryana, India
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Course programme

The course aims at inculcating a minimum level of language proficiency among
students of Engineering and Technology. The purpose is to sensitise them to the
nuances of English and its applications for various communication needs.

Semester I:

Semantics: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones, Homonyms, Form and function of words
Syntax: Sentence structures, Verb patterns and their usage
Phonetics: Basic Concepts – Vowels, Consonants, Phonemes, Syllables; Articulation of
Speech Sounds – Place and Manner of Articulation; Transcription of words and simple
sentences, using International Phonetic Alphabet.
Comprehension: Listening and Reading comprehension – Note taking, Reviewing,
Summarising, Interpreting, Paraphrasing and Précis Writing.
Composition: Descriptive, Explanatory, Analytical and Argumentative Writing -
description of simple objects like instruments, appliances, places, persons,
principles; description and explanation of processes and operations; analysis and
arguments in the form of debate and group discussion
Text: English for Students of Science by A.Roy and P.L. Sharma (Orient Longman)

Semester II:

Unit-1 :
Thermodynamics - Second law, concept of Entropy, Entropy
change for an ideal gas, free energy and work functions, Free
energy change, Chemical Potential, Gibb's Helmholtz equation, Clausius
- Clapeyron equation, Related numerical problems with above topics.
Unit-2 :
Phase-Rule - Terminology, Derivation of Gibb's Phase Rule
Equation, One Component System (H2O System), Two Components systems,
Eutectic system (Pb-Ag), system with congruent m.pt. (Zn-Mg),
systems with incongruent m.pt. (Na-K), Applications of above
Unit-3 :
Water & its treatment : Part I – Sources of water, impurities in
water, hardness of water and its determination, units of hardness,
alkalinity of water and its determination, Related numerical problems,
scale and sludge formation (composition properties and methods of
Unit-4 :
Water and its treatment : Part II – Treatment of water for
domestic use, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection,
water softening, Ion-exchange process, mixed bed
demineralisation, Desalination (reverse osmosis) (electrodialysis).
Unit-5 :
Corrosion and its prevention - Galvanic & concentration cell,
Dry and wet corrosion, Electrochemical theory of corrosion,
Galvanic corrosion, pitting corrosion, water-line corrosion,
differential aeration corrosion, stress corrosion, factors
affecting corrosion, Preventive measures (proper design, Cathodic
protection, protective coatings).
Unit-6 :
Lubrication and Lubricants - Friction, mechanism of
lubrication, classification and properties of lubricants,
Additives for lubricants, synthetic lubricants, Greases – Preparation
& properties (consistency, drop point) and uses.

Semester III:
Mathematics III (Common with all branches)
Data Structures & Algorithms
Discrete Structures
Digital & Analog
Communication (IT,CSE)
Digital Electronics
(CSE, IT & common with IV Sem. EL,EE,EI, IC)
(Common with all
Data Structures & Algorithms
Digital Electronics Lab
(Common with 4th Sem. -

Semester IV:

Data Base Management Systems
Programming Languages
Internet Fundamentals
Object Oriented Programming using
Computer Architecture &
Organization (CSE, IT and common
with V-sem. EL,EI,IC)
Multimedia Technologies (Common
with CSE – V Sem.)
Data Base Management Systems Lab.
C++ Programming Lab. (CSE,IT)
Multimedia Technologies Lab
(Common with CSE – V Sem.)
Internet Lab. (CSE,IT)
General Proficiency

Semester V:

Rapid Application Development
System Programming & System
Administration (Common with CSE –VIth Sem)
Computer Networks
Principles of Operating System
Microprocessor & Interfacing
Computer Graphics
Rapid Application Development Lab
Computer Graphics Lab
Operating Systems Lab.
Microprocessor & Interfacing Lab.
Assessment of Mini-Project based
upon Open Source Software carried out
at the end of 4th semester.

Semester VI:

Network Programming
Principles of Software Engineering
Intelligent Systems
Web Development (Common with
Wireless Communication (CSE, IT
and Common with 8th Sem–EL)
Digital Signal Processing
Network Programming Lab.
Intelligent Systems Lab. (CSE,IT)
Web Development & Core
JAVA Lab. (Common with V
General Proficiency

Semester VII:

Data Warehousing & Data Mining
Software Project Management (CSE,IT)
System & Network Administration
System & Network Administration Lab.
Advanced JAVA Lab.
(Common with 8th Sem.-CSE)
Major PROJECT – Part I
Assessment of Mini-Project based upon
.net technology carried out at the end of
6th semester.

Semester VII :

Distributed Operating System
Security of Information Systems
Computer Animation Lab.
Major PROJECT - Part II
Colloquium 8
GFIT-412 E General Fitness for the Profession

Fundamentals of Management

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