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Typology Bachelor
Location Kolhapur
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  • Kolhapur


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Vidyanagar, 416004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Vidyanagar, 416004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Course Content
Part I
Unit 1: Introduction to physical Geography.
i) Definition, nature and scope.
ii) Branches of physical geography.
iii) Relation of physical geography with social sciences.
iv) Approaches the study of Physical Geography
v) Recent trends in physical geography.

Unit 2: The Earth Crust
i) Characteristics of land and water distribution.
ii) Evolution and distribution of Continents and Oceans
iii) Wegner's theory of continental drift.
iv) Plate Tectonic theory.

Unit 3: Earth movements.
i) Endogenetic and exogenetic forces and their effects.
ii) Earthquake: causes, effects, and distribution.
iii) Earthquakes in India.

Unit 4: Weathering.
i) Weathering: physical, chemical and biological.
ii) Concept of cycle of Erosion. Fluvial cycle of Erosion
iii) Erosional and depositional features of River and Wind.

Unit 5: Atmosphere.
i) Composition and structure of atmosphere.
ii) Weather and its element.
iii) Climate- factors affecting the climate.

Unit 6: Insolation, Temperature and Atmospheric pressure.
i) Isolation: solar constant, factors affecting the distribution of insolation.
ii) Heat balance of the Earth.
iii) Distribution of Temperature: horizontal, vertical, inversion of temperature, Range of Temperature.
iv) Formation of pressure belts.
v) Shifting of pressure belts and their effects.

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