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Course programme

The three year Honours course in History is a demanding one but those who are genuinely fond of the subject will find it useful and enjoyable. The course provides detailed study of Indian history as well as substantial surveys of the histories of other countries. In the first year students study ancient India as well as the evolution of ancient civilizations and the medieval world. In the second year, there are two compulsory courses on medieval India and Europe and an option of studying the history of the USA or the USSR. Final year students have to do two Indian history and two non-Indian history courses: Mughal and Modern Indian history and the history of Modern Europe and of China and Japan. All these papers are of hundred marks each (eight compulsory and one to be chosen from the second-year options). There are also two fifty mark concurrent papers in the first and second years the details of which can be found in the syllabus.

The department looks forward to teaching students who are eager to study history and acquire a broad understanding of historical ideas, social and economic developments and popular movements. Those who enjoy reading, writing and discussion will like studying history. Students are expected to read widely and express themselves in their own words. Rote learning and reproduction of standard textbooks is not acceptable. While school leavers are not expected to join College with an in-depth knowledge of the subject, historical curiosity and an aptitude for the subject is desirable. A basic grasp of the subject is essential; those who read beyond their school curriculum are preferred. The interview will be based on an overall assessment of a candidate in which his or her academic capability and potential will get the highest priority. Strong credentials in areas like debating, theatre, music and dance will be taken into account when an applicant's academic and interview performance is comparable to those without such achievements.

Students should come prepared for the interview. Candidates will be assessed on the basis of their knowledge of and aptitude for the subject.

The course provides excellent training in writing coherently and expressing arguments, which will benefit those who do not wish to pursue further studies in history specifically. Our History Honours students have excelled in the fields of journalism, administration, law and academics, and many prominent personalities in various walks of life have studied History at College.

B.A. History (Hons.)

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