B.Mus.: Sitar-Violin-Flute

Banaras Hindu University
In Varanasi

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Varanasi
Duration 3 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Varanasi
  • Duration:
    3 Years

Where and when
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Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UP, 221005, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, UP, 221005, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Part –I

Paper –I
Unit-I: Theoretical knowledge of the prescribed Ragas
Unit-II: A broad comparative knowledge of ragas
Unit-III: Writing notations of compositions along with all practical materials
Unit- IV Writing of Talas with prescribed layakaries


Unit-I : Alapti, Gamak according to Sangeet Ratnakar.
Unit-II : Naad, Western Staff Notation System, Purvang, Uttarang, Saptak & Ashtak.
Unit-III: Classification of Instruments (Tat, Sushir, Avanadh & Ghan)
Unit-IV: Merits and Demerits of Vocalist and Instrumentalist
Unit-V: Life Sketch of V.N. Bhatkhande and V.D. Paluskar.

Part –II
1. Some difficult and speed Alankars in the prescribed ragas of this course
2. Use of difficult Chhandas and layakaries through Mijarab/Bow/Blowing technique in Vilambit and Drut layas
3. Students are expected to improve further in the following techniques.
a) Meend of two to four (notes) Swaras, b) Kan of two to four (notes) Swaras, c) Murki, d) Clarity and resonance in playing Swaras, e) Variety and speed in Jhala, f) Composing new Alap, Tan, Toda, Tihai and Jhala wile playing a Geet/Gat
4. Accuracy in tuning the instrument.
5. Singing of Alankars and Gat.
6. Identification of the prescribed Ragas
7. Ragas for Detailed Study: i) Yaman ii) Puriya iii) Malkauns iv) Todi v) Khamaj vi) Bhinna Shadaj
8. Ragas for Non Detailed Study: i) Bihag ii) Vibhas iii) Darbari iv) Shyam Kalyan v) Miyan Malhar vi) Jaunpuri vii) Ramkali viii) Gaud Sarang
9. Two Dhuns
10. Knowledge of the following Talas with their Thekas, Divisions and also Dugun/ Tigun Layakaries i) Roopak ii) Dhamar iii) Sooltal iv) Keherawa.
11. Knowledge of all Ragas, Talas and theory portions prescribed in three years Diploma course as well as B.Mus –Part I Course.


Paper –I
Unit-I : Thorough knowledge of the characteristic features of the prescribed Ragas.
Unit-II a) Writing notation of Composition, b) Setting of a given piece to raga and composing Alap, Tan etc.
Unit -III : Writing of Talas with the prescribed layakaries 3/2 (Ded Gun)


Paper –II
Unit-I : Gram, Moorchana
Unit -II : Comparative study of Shruti & Swara
Unit -III : Comparative study of Karnatic and Hindustani Swara system
Unit-IV : D.V.Paluskar and V.N. Bhatkhande ke Swaralipi Paddhati ka Addhayan.
Unit- V: General essay on Music

B.Mus Part –III

1. Capability of giving an attractive public performance is essential
2. More advanced practice in the following:
a) Forward and backward Meend to two to four notes, b) Forward and backward Kan of one to two notes, c) Murki in frets, Murki in Meend, d) Speedy work of right hand and difficult variety of Jhala, e) Composing good Alap, Tan, Toda, Tihai and Jhala at the time of playing, f) Good understanding of Sam, Khali and other beats of a Tala while playing on one’s own instrument, g) Accuracy in tuning one’s own instrument
3. Besides singing of simple alankars, gat and tan, Student is expected to read and write musical passage given in writing or played to them.
4. Ragas for detailed theoretical knowledge and intensive practice (Alap, Jod, Jhala, Tan, Vilambit and Drut Composition) : i) Maru Bihag ii) Lalit iii) Darbari Kanhara iv) Bhimpalasi v) Miyan Malhar vi) Jaunpuri vii) Bihag
5. Ragas for Non Detailed study: i) Marwa ii) Basant iii) Adana iv) Patdeep v) Durga vi) Tilang vii) Sohini viii) Purbi ix) Gaud Malhar
6. Three compositions in different Tala other than Teental
7. Two Dhuns in Thumri Style
8. Student should have thorough knowledge of the following Layakaries in the prescribed Tala i) Jhaptal ii) Teental iii) Rupak iv) Ektal v) Durga Tal
Note: Layakaries – ¾- Paun gun; 3/2 Dedh Gun
9. Knowledge of all the Ragas, Talas, Layakaries prescribed in the three years Diploma course and Ist and IInd part of B. Mus. course



Unit-I : Thorough knowledge of the characteristic features of the prescribed Ragas.
Unit-II : a) Writing notation of composition/ Gat, b) Setting of a given Piece to a Raga and composing Alap, Tan, Toda and Tihai.
Unit-III : Writing of Talas with the prescribed Layakaries.


Unit-I : Chatus Sarana
Unit-II : Jati ki Paribhasa ( Lakshan Sahit)
Unit-III : Classification of Thata and Raga according to V.N Bhatkhande.
Unit-IV : Kutap, Vrinda and Vrinda Vadan.
Unit-V : Geet ke Prakar – Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Tappa, Lakshana Geet, Chaiti, Kajri, Bhajan.

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