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Course programme

B.A. Programme

The raison d'être of the B.A. Programme is the need for an undergraduate programme that is relevant to the immediate environment of social opportunities while, at the same time, giving the student the basic intellectual equipment expected of a programme of higher education.

It is a useful and attractive academic programme that enables a student to acquire the thinking ability, linguistic skills and broad-based knowledge needed to enter the world of work. At the same time, this programme gives the students enough knowledge in a discipline to pursue post-graduate studies. The B.A. Programme is thus conceived both as a terminal degree with substantial intellectual prowess and as an enabling degree for higher studies.

The structure and contents of the programme make it an integrated and inter-disciplinary programme with flexibility and choice. Thus the B.A. Programme is bound to provide the students a demanding but worthwhile and enjoyable experience in the form of a liberal education.

Structure There is a total of twelve courses over a three-year period with four courses taught and examined every year. A full-year course has 3 credits and the whole programme has 36 credits for 12 courses.

Components The B.A. Programme comprises four categories of courses:

1. Discipline Courses: A student has to choose two discipline courses in Year I and she/he will continue with the same discipline courses in Years II & III. In all, a student will do six papers in two disciplines over a three-year period. The college, at present, offers the following discipline courses: English, Economics, History, Philosophy and Political Science.
2. Language Courses: A student shall do four language courses. Of these, two courses are to be in English (one each in first and third year). The remaining two courses are to be in Hindi/other Indian Languages (one each in first and second year). The college offers the following Indian Languages in addition to Hindi: Persian, Sanskrit and Urdu.
3. Foundation Courses: A student has to take one foundation course in the second year in addition to the discipline and language courses out of the following two offered by the college: Contemporary India, and Language, Literature & Culture.
4. Application Courses: These courses are offered in the third year of the B.A. Programme in addition to the discipline and language courses. A student has to choose one Application based course out of the following offered by the college at present: Creative Writing, Globalization and Mass Communication.

B.A. Programme

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