B.A. in Psychology


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Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
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Saraswati Vihar, Pachpedi, Jabalpur (M.P.), 482001

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Psychological Research Nature of Psychological Research Experimental and Co rrelational Research Steps in Psyhological Research
Problem Hypothesis and Variables : Meaning and Nature, Types, Control of Variables: Technigues
Test Construation Steps in test Construction, Item analysis. Norms and .Standardization
Statistics : Meaning and use, Measures of central tendency, frequency distribution, graphical representation of data,
Standard deviation, Significant difference between two means (Test)
Correlation : Nature and types . Methods of calculating . Correlation – Rank order and Pearson, s product moment
coefficient of correlation,
( ungrouped data) chi- square, Characteristics of Normal Probability curve ,A
Counselling: meaning and Goals, Counselling and related filed, Approaches to counselling Humanistic, existential , and client
Counsellng in Indian Context, Indian contribution: Yoga and Meditation Effective counsellor: characteristics
Group counselling and special areas in Counselling, Family Counselling Counselling with parents Counselling delinquents, pre marital Counselling
Counselling interview : Methods,Types and advantages. Vocational counseling,
Ethical issues in Counselling,
Crisis intervention Counseling ,for the patients of alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Mental Retardation
Concept and nature of health psychology, Scope and importance of health psychology, Models of health: biological,
psychological, Sociological, and Bio psycho-social.
Health promotion: changing health habits/ lifestyle, diet& nutrition, controlling weight, exercise, meditation, yoga&
Role of psychological factors in the care of diabetics, heart patients and cancer patients, Role of psychology in the life
styles of AIDS patients.
Role of personality factors in health, Problems and remedies of old age, Over eating and under eating among children,
adolescent and women.
Stress: Meaning, characteristics and reactions in relation to stress, Kinds of stressors, Models of stress, Stress

B.A. in Psychology

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