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Course programme


A. General Psychology
B. Psychology Practicals
Psychology is the most sought optional subject by the candidates appearing for the State and All India Civil Services Exams. With the ever increasing complexity of life, people are prone to stress in the modern world. Thus the demand for the psychologists is on the rise to ensure normal and happy mental life.
Objectives: The study of the syllabus helps to empower the students with self-understanding and to add meaning and depth to one's life.
2. Political Science : Theory & Practice of Political Science
Objective: It enables the students to understand the basic aims, objectives and purpose of study of political science. Helps in understanding the concepts like liberty, equality and fraternity.Political Science is the most sought after optional subject by the candidates appearing in the state and All India Civil Services Exams.
3. Modern Language (English Literature)

Objective: The study of Modern Language (English Literature) at the Under-graduate level enables students to get themselves acquainted with different genres of literature and acquire the necessary critical skills to appreciate and enjoy the literature written by great writers. Besides serving the academic purpose, reading literature enlivens the mind and stimulates the brain.
English Literature- Paper I
Survey of English Language, Standardization, Foreign Influences, Poetry, Plot and Structure in Drama, Character, Dialogue, Point of View, Setting and Atmosphere and Reading Comprehension.
Year - II
1. Psychology & Social Psychology
Objective: The study of the syllabus helps to analyze and understand others action and also one's own in a better light and improve the quality of life. Psychology Practicals
2. Political Science - Indian Government & Politics

Objective: The study enlightens students about the Indian Constitution and Administration. The study of this area is very essential for students trying to make a career in Journalism and also helpful in the preparation of various competitive exams.
3. Modern Language (English Literature) Paper II
Poetry - Elizabethan age to Pre-romantic Age, Developments in the 16th and 17th Century in Drama, Poetry, Essays, Novel - ‘Pride and Prejudice' - Drama - ‘Othello'.
Year - III
1. Psychology - Child and Adoloscent Psychology
Objective: The study of the syllabus of child psychology helps to increase the knowledge about how to improve the treatment and welfare of children and the developmental changes in adolescents.
2. Psychology -
1.Abnormal Psychology (Optional Paper)
Objective: The study of the syllabus of abnormal psychology enables to identify the psychological disorders and seek measures to alleviate them.
2. Counseling Psychology
Objective: The study of the syllabus of counseling psychology trains the students to give help to others to help themselves.
3. Educational Psychology
Objective: The study of the syllabus of educational psychology trains the students to become specialist in learning and teaching.
4. Industrial Psychology
Objective: The study of the syllabus of industrial psychology offers knowledge regarding the human factors in industry Psychological Testing Practical.
3. Political Science- Paper III
Political Though- Indian & Western
Objective: It forms the core of the subject of Political Sciences. Its study enables the students to understand various thoughts, expressed by Indians and Western Political Thinkers to enrich our polity, to lead a better social life, establish an egalitarian society.
4. International Relations Paper IV
Objective: With the world becoming a global village, understanding foreign policies of various international organizations is very essential for the citizen of this world. Its study is helpful for students who try to explore jobs abroad immense job opportunities in UNO and its specialized agencies.
5. Modern Language
English Literature Paper III

Literature - From Romantic Age to Modern Age, 19th Century Novel, 20th Century Stream of Consciousness, Sentimental Comedy, ‘Arms and the Man', -George Bernard Shaw and ‘Lord of the files' - William Golding.
Paper IV
Indian Writing in English, African Writers, Famous Speeches, ‘The Guide' - R.K.Narayan, ‘Death of a Salesman' - Arthur Miller


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