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Course programme

The three year Honours programme in Sanskrit is both interesting and challenging. It seeks to introduce various genres of Sanskrit literature from the early Vaidika to classical prose, poetry and drama to modern writing in Sanskrit. Traditional disciplines like Vyakarana (Paninian grammar), Darshana ( at least two schools Advaita: Vedanta ad Nyaya-Vaishishika) and Kavya-shastra (poetics) also form a part of the curriculum. In the third year, College offers a course in theoretical archaeology and epigraphy.

The main strength of the programme is that it offers multiple opportunities to persons interested in Indian history, society and culture, philosophy, language studies and literature and allows them to get first hand information through original sources.

To pursue this course, a person must possess sufficient familiarity with the basics of the Sanskrit language. S/he must be willing to put in hard work on a more consistent basis. While our students do quite well at the University examinations, our focus is on helping students develop better linguistic and analytical skills. We expect our students to participate in our ‘beyond the syllabus programmes' including a variety of co curricular activities and inter college Sanskrit competitions for which the Department trains them.


All first-year students doing an Honours Course in a humanities subject are required to study three Concurrent courses - two languages and one inter-disciplinary course. The Department of Sanskrit offers a qualifying course in sanskrit.

Students joining B.A. (Honours) programmes in Economics, English, History, Philosophy and Mathematics can opt for Qualifying Sanskrit.

This course is particularly good for students of English, History and Philosophy who may need to refer to original sources as they grow in their own disciplines. It is otherwise interesting for all those who wish to have a closer familiarity with Indian traditions in literature, language studies, culture and society.

Basic knowledge of Sanskrit and a lot of self motivation is what you need to join this course.

B.A. Sanskrit (Hons.)

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