B.Sc. BOTANY(Specialization in Industrial Microbiology)

The American College
In Madurai

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Typology Bachelor
Location Madurai
  • Bachelor
  • Madurai


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The American College, Tallakkulam, Madurai , Tamilnadu India, 625002, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
The American College, Tallakkulam, Madurai , Tamilnadu India, 625002, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Semester I

1.BOT 1411 Fundamentals of Industrial Microbiology

2.BOT 1413 Plant Diversity

3.BOT 1415 Microbiology and Diversity Lab I

4.BOT 1417 Introduction to Modern Biology

5.BOT 1419 Food and Nutrition

6.BOT 1421 Mushroom Culture

Semester II

1.BOT 1412 Microbial Biochemistry

2.BOT 1414 Plant Diversity II

3.BOT 1416 Biochemistry & Diversity Lab II

4.BOT 1418 Biodiversity

5.BOT 1420 Cell Biology

6.BOT 1422 Ecology

7.BOT 1424 & 2424 On Job Training (Summer Programme)

Semester III

1.BOT 2411 Microbial Physiology

2.BOT 2313 Biostatistics Tools & Techniques

3.BOT 2315 Genetics

4.BOT 2617 Microbial Physiology, Biostatistics &

Genetics Lab III
5.BOT 2419 Horticulture

6.BOT 2421 Biochemical Techniques

Semester IV

1.BOT 2312 Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology

2.BOT 2414 Agricultural Microbiology

3.BOT 2316 Plant Systematics

4.BOT 2318 Microbialgenetics, Agriculturalmicrobiology

& Plant Systematics Lab IV
5.BOT 2420 Pollution Ecology

6.BOT 2422 Medicinal Herbs

Semester V

1.BOT 3411 Environmental Microbiology

2.BOT 3413 Biodegradation of Wastes & Pollutants

3.BOT 3415 Plant Physiology

4.BOT 3417 Plant Disease Management

5.BOT 3619 Plant Physiology & Bioremediation Lab V

6.BOT 3421 Phytochemistry

7.BOT 3423 Plant Tissue Culture

8.BOT 3425 Food Processing and Preservation

Semester VI

1.BOT 3312 Developmental Botany

2.BOT 3314 Plant Biotechnology

3.BOT 3316 Fermentation Technology

4.BOT 3320 Developmental Botany & Bioprocessing

Technology Lab VI

5.BOT 3322 Project

6.BOT 3424 Natural Resource Management

7.BOT 3426 Bioinformatics

8.BOT 3428 Green House Technology

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