B.Sc in Chemistry

Shivaji University
In Kolhapur

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Typology Bachelor
Location Kolhapur
  • Bachelor
  • Kolhapur

To promote understanding of basic facts and concepts in Chemistry. while retaining the excitement of Chemistry. To make students capable of studying Chemistry in academic and. Industrial courses. To expose the students to various emerging new areas of Chemistry and. apprise them with there prevalent in their future studies and their. applications in various spheres of chemical sciences. To develop problem solving skills in students. To expose the students to different processes used in Industries and their. applications.


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Vidyanagar, 416004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Vidyanagar, 416004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Course Structure
(Physical and Inorganic Chemistry)
Mathematical concepts
General concept in chemistry
Colloidal state
Chemical kinetics I (Physical)
Gaseous state

Chemical bonding
Covalent bonding (MOT)
Ionic solids

(Organic and Inorganic Chemistry)
Qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis
Stereochemistry of organic compounds
Fundamentals of organic reaction mechanism
Carboxylic acids and their derivatives
Cycloalkanes, Cycloalkenes and Alkadienes
Diazonium salts
Organosulphur compounds

s-block elements
p-block elements
Chemistry of Noble gases
Environmental chemistry

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