B.Sc Chemistry

Goa University
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Typology Bachelor
Location Goa velha
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  • Goa velha


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Goa Velha
Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206, Goa, India
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Starts On request
Goa Velha
Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206, Goa, India
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Course programme

Course Structure
Semester – I
CH – 101: Physical & Inorganic Chemistry
Logarithmic relations, curve sketching, linear graphs and calculations of slopes differentiation of functions like Kx, ex, xn, sin x, log x, maxima & minima, partial, differentiation & reciprocity relations. Integration of some useful/relevant functions

Idea of deBroglie matter waves. Heisenburgs uncertainty principle. Atomic orbitals, Schrodinger wave equation, significance of  and 2 quantum numbers, radial and angular wave functions and probability distribution curves, Shapes of s, p, d, orbitals. Afbau and Pauli exclusion principles, Hund’s multiplicity rule. Electronic configurations of the elements, effective nuclear charge.

CH – 103: Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Semester – II
CH – 102: Physical & Inorganic Chemistry
Hybridization, C-C bond lengths and bond angles, bond energy, localized and
delocalized chemical bonds, Definition and examples of Van der Waals interactions,
resonance, hyperconjugation, inductive and field effects, intramolecular and
intermolecular hydrogen bonding.

CH – 104: Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

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