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    3 Years



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Mumbai (Maharashtra)
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VidyaNagar, Vidyvihar, 400077

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Course programme


Course Content:

1st Year

1. Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics
2. Physics-Mathematics-Statistics
3. Physics-Chemistry-Botany
4. Physics-Chemistry-Geology*
5. Physics-Chemistry-Microbiology
6. Chemistry-Botany-Zoology
7. Chemistry-Botany-Biotechnology (unaided component)
Any one group of three subjects as follows (Two Units in each subject from the following group)

2nd Year

1. Physics-Chemistry
2. Physics-Mathematics
3. Mathematics-Statistics
4. Chemistry-Zoology
5. Chemistry-Botany
6. Chemistry-Microbiology
7. Chemistry-Geology
8. Botany-Zoology
9. Botany-Biotechnology (unaided component)
Any one group of two subjects as follows (Three Units in each subject from the following group)

Students who have not studied Geology at XI and XII are eligible to opt for Geology in F.Y.B.Sc. Value education is a compulsory paper for F.Y. and S.Y.B.Sc./B.Com. students of this college. Important aspects like Basic Human values, Personality development, etc. which emphasize the all-round development of the student and fulfill the mission of the founder are taught. The value education creates the right environment so that there is an overall development of the student.

3rd year

Physics (6 Units)
2. Chemistry (6 Units)
3. Chemistry-BioChemistry (3 Units)
4. Botany (6 Units)
5. Zoology (6 Units)
6. Geology (6 Units)
7. Microbiology (6 Units)
8. Microbiology-BioChemistry (3 Units)
9. Statistics (6 Units)
10. Mathmatics (6 Units)
11. Biotechnology (6 Units)

Applied Component

Electronic Instrumentation
Drugs & Dyes
Horticulture & Gardening
Marine Biology
Soil Science including soil analysis
Computer Prog. & System Analysis


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