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Post Box No. 1611 Peelamedu , 641004, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Post Box No. 1611 Peelamedu , 641004, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

B.Sc (Information Technology)

The Department of information Technology was established in the year 1999 with a view to develop quality engineers to meet the current trends in the emerging world of IT. The goal of the department is to educate students to get technical expertise and knowledge in the field of Information Technology so that it enables them to communicate and use that knowledge constructively for the benefit of others.

The courses offered boast of a syllabus which is periodically revised /updated to incorporate the latest concepts and to enable the students to be on par with the needs of the industries. The programmes offered help to provide an engineering insight to problem solving, with the main objective being to mould the students professionally and ethically. The existing infrastructure enables them to further their practical skills.


Calculus and its Applications
Applied Physics
Applied Chemistry
Communication Skills in English
C Programming
Basics of Electrical Engineering
Engineering Practices
Physics Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory


Linear Algebra and Fourier Series
Materials Science
Chemistry of Electronic Materials
Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Language Elective
Engineering Graphics
Physics Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory


Transforms and Complex Analysis
Economics for Business Decisions
Advanced Data Structures
Computer Architecture@
Database Management Systems
Analog and Digital Communication
Database Management Systems Laboratory
Digital Logic Design Laboratory


Operating Systems
Signals and Linear Systems
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Software Engineering@
Mathematics Elective I
Humanities Elective
Visual Programming Laboratory
Operating Systems Laboratory
Industrial Visit cum Lecture


Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing
Computer Communication Networks ##
Object Oriented Modeling and Design
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Internet and Java Programming
Mathematics Elective II
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Laboratory
Open Source Computing Laboratory
Mini Project I


Environmental Science and Engineering
Theory of Computing
Distributed Component and Enterprise Systems
Communication Switching Techniques##
TCP/ IP and Socket Programming
Elective I
Distributed Component and Enterprise Systems Laboratory
Networks Laboratory
Mini Project II


Information Security
Total Quality Assurance
Web Technology
Data Mining
Elective II
Elective III
Web Technology Laboratory
Data Mining Laboratory
Project Work I


Elective IV
Elective V
Project Work II


MATHEMATICS (A minimum of two electives)
08O001 Applied Numerical Methods
08O002 Business Statistics
08O003 Mathematical Modeling
08O004 Optimization Techniques
08O005 Statistics and Quality Control
08O006 Stochastic Models

08O016 Micro Machining and Micro Sensors
08O017 Nano Science and Technology
08O018 Integrated Circuit Technology
08O019 Thin Film Technology
08O020 Laser Technology
08O021 Composite Materials
08O022 Electronic Ceramics
08O023 Plasma Technology
08O024 Computational Materials Science
08O025 Quantum Mechanics
08O026 Electro Optic Materials
08O027 Analytical Methods in Materials Science
08O028 Vacuum Science and Deposition Techniques
08O029 Semi Conducting Materials and Device
08O030 Sensors for Engineering Applications

08O031 Energy Storing Devices and Fuel Cells
08O032 Polymers in Electronics
08O033 Organic Electronics
08O034 Functional Coatings by Polymer Micro Encapsulation
08O035 Analytical Methods for Textiles and Textile Ancillaries
08O036 Polymers and Composites
08O037 Corrosion Science and Engineering
08O038 Chemistry of Nanomaterials
08O039 Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Processing
08O040 Electro analytical Methods
08O041 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
08O042 Advanced Reaction Mechanism
08O043 Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
08O044 Computational Physical Chemistry
08O045 Molecular Spectroscopy

HUMANITIES (A minimum of one elective)
08O046 Principles of Management
08O047 Human Resource Management
08O048 Introduction to Management
08O049 Organizational Behaviour
08O050 Value Management
08O051 Human Values and Professional Ethics
08O052 Micro Economic Environment
08O053 Marketing Systems
08O054 Entrepreneurship
08O055 Analysis of Manufacturing and Service Systems
08O056 Financial and Management Accounting
08O057 Managerial Finance
08O058 Working Capital Management
08O059 Cost Management
08O060 Technology Incubators and Commercialization of Innovation

LANGUAGE (A minimum of one elective)
08O061 Professional English
08O062 Initiative to German Language
08O063 Basic French
08O064 Basic Conversational Skills in Japanese Language

DEPARTMENT ELECTIVES (A minimum of three electives) #
08I001 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
08I002 Grid Computing
08I003 Software Process Management
08I004 Electronic Commerce
08I005 Enterprise Resource Planning
08I006 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming
08I007 Digital Image Processing
08I008 Software Testing Methods and Tools
08I009 Health Care Information Systems
08I010 Bioinformatics
08I011 Mobile Computing
08I012 Embedded Systems
08I013 Compiler Design
08I014 Broadband Networks
08I015 Soft Computing
08I016 Decision Support Systems
08I017 Client Server Computing
08I018 Multimedia Computing
08I019 UNIX Internals
08I020 Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture
08I021 Information Storage and Management

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