B.Sc( Vocational)


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Typology Bachelor
  • Bachelor

Course programme

Course Structure :
Semester I
Subjects: Computer Application
Course- 1 Fundamentals of Computers Course -2 Introduction to IBM PC Practical : Based on above subjects Instrumentation Course- 1 Instrument Mechanism Course -2 Metrology Practical : Mechanical Instrumentation Lab Optical Instrumentation Course- 1 Basic optical and optical components Course -2 Optical Materials and optical Workshop technology Practical : Basic experiments and measurements in optics Mathematics Course- 1 Algebra, Matrices, Trigonometry Course -2 Analysis (Diff. Calculus, Real Analysis & Convergence) Semester II Subjects: Computer Application Course- 3 Operating System Course -4 BDP ( Business Data Processing) Practical : On Job Training-I Instrumentation Course- 3 Mechanical Measurement Course -4 Basic Electronics and Instrumentation Practical : Mechanical Instrumentation Lab On Job Training-I Optical Instrumentation Course- 3 Basic of optical and opto-Mechanical Design Course- 4 Tutorials on Optical Design Practical : Engineering Drawing and Mechanical Basics optical workshop Report : On the job training-I Mathematics Course- 3 Integral calculus and Differential equations Course -4 Co-ordinate Geometry of Three Dimension and Vector Calculus Foundation Course Semester III Subjects: Computer Application Course- 5 DBMS- 1 (Data Basic Management System- 1) Course -6 Concepts of structured programming using 'C' Practical : Based on above subjects Instrumentation Course- 5 Digital Electronics Course -6 Microprocessor Practical : Electronics Lab- II Optical Instrumentation Course- 5 Light source and illumination Engineering. Course -6 Basic Optical Instruments Practical : Optical workshop and mini project Mathematics Course- 5 Mathematical Statistics Course -6 Numerical Analysis Semester IV Subjects: Computer Application Course- 7 DBMS- 1I(Data Basic Management System- 1I) Course -8 Computer Graphic Practical : Based on above subjects On Job Training - II Instrumentation Course- 7 Optical Instrumentation Course -8 Vacuum Instrumentation Practical : Optics and Vacuum lab On Job Training - II Optical Instrumentation Course- 7 Projection and Photographic optics Course -8 Ophthalmic optic Practical : Optical optics and Photographic optics Report : On the job training- II Mathematics Course- 7 Finite Mathematics Course -8 Mechanics Semester V Subjects: Computer Application Course- 9 Computer Aided Drafting Course -10 Advance topics in Computers Practical : Based on above subjects Instrumentation Course- 7 Optical Instrumentation Course -8 Vacuum Instrumentation Practical : Optical Instrumentation Course- 9 Optical Metrology and spectroscopic instrumentation Instrumentation Course- 10 Lasers and Advanced Instrumentation Practical : Advance optical Instruments Lab Mathematics Course- 9 Complex Analysis & Integral Transforms Course -10 Hydro Dynamics and Partial Differential Equations Semester VI Subjects: Computer Application Course- 11 Major Project Course -12 Entrereneurship Development Instrumentation Course- 11 Major Project Course -12 Entrepreneurship Development Optical Instrumentation Course- 11 Fiber optics and optoelectronic instrumentation Course -12 Quality control Production planning, Prospects and
Entrepreneurship Development Practical : Project Mathematics Course- 11 Mathematical Programming Course -12 Graph Theory