B.A in Sociology


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Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
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Saraswati Vihar, Pachpedi, Jabalpur (M.P.), 482001

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Course programme

Course Structure

1. Demographic Profile
2. Centralization of Tribes Tribal area
3. Position of Tribal Women.
1. Classification of Tribes.
2. Status of Women in Tribes.
3. Isolation, Assimilation and Integration
1.Socio-cultural Introduction: Leadership and Cultural Diversities.
2. Kinship, Religious Belief and Behavior
3. Future of Indian Tribal Society.
1. Social Mobility and Change: Sanskritization, Acculturation Enculturation.
2. Impact of Colonial administration on Tribal Society.
3. Scienerio after Independence.
Tribal Problems:
1. Land Alienation
2. Peasent Exploitation
3. Illiteracy and Indebtness
Basic Thoughts of Sociology
1 Renianssan
2 Auguste Comte :
Heirarchy of Sciences.
-3 Emile Durkhiem Social Fact Theory of Suicide
1- Max Weber
Ideal Type, Theory of Social Action.
2- Talcott Parsons. Theory of Social action AGIL Model .
3- R.K.Merton:
1. Theory of Functionalism
2. Theory of Middle Range
3. Reference Group
1 Karl Marx: Dialectical Materialism, Class struggle and Social Change
2 Vilfredo Pareto: Circulation of Elite, Residues and Derivations
1-Mahatma Gandhi –
Non – Violence, Satyagraha , Trusteeship
2-Baba Saheb Bhimrao
Ambedkar -
Classless Equalitarian
Society, Social Justice
1-Radhakamal Mukharjee -
Sociology of Values
2-M.N. Srinivas -
3- A.R.Desai- Rise of
Nationalism in India

B.A in Sociology

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