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Kanchipuram (Tamil Nādu)
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Mevalur Kuppam, Valarpuram Post, 602105

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Course programme

B.A., (Tamil)

Sri Govinda Swami Educational Trust has started on the east of the National Highways No. 7 at Periyanhalli, Dharmapuri Pee Gee Arts and Science College. The intended aim and exalted purpose and ennobling by developing training and cultivating the mind, natural powers and character of youth by inculcation and example by bringing students to the requisite standard of conduct and skills and to make students life a discipline of goodness to shape their mind and heart and to sharpen their wit, and to inspire them with a wish to teach themselves and to enable the students to become ideal man and women in society. The development of the complete human personality in the role objective goal of its educational programme which inculcates a sense of partition in young man, promotes their physical growth, improves their intellectual refinement and eminence and stirs up spiritual revelation.

This college is an incorporated institution in the literal arts, linguistic disciplines and professional sciences. The students learn here intellectual habits and moral character which will stand them in good stead pursuing their UG Course and PG Course for full three and four years respectively and they graduate and the primary graduation marks the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

Arts includes all fields of knowledge from house hold economics through commerce, the business of life to eventual history and literature. They enrich human spirit and enlarge man's capacity for the enjoyment of everything life. They inspire informality and vitalized.

Science is an organized knowledge of foods, phenomena and laws of native gained and visited by practical experience. It is a wonderful discipline which increases the comforts of man and transforms and economy of scarcity into one of abundance. Science is the source of establishment, understanding and hope for better, healthier and safer world. Science has revolutionized human life and opened doors and New avenues of further and even more radical changes.

Science and arts converge into a single whole each portraying a facet with a color of its own and yet reflecting of the rest and both are concerned with trust and beauty and train the students to the best possible all-round living individual and social and make them intelligent and good. They enable the students to recast themselves perpetually transforming possibilities and actualities.

Knowledge gained from Arts and Science make the students intellectually competent and technically skilled, civilized in their emotions refined in their manners and developed to their purpose with compassion developed, understanding deepened and outlook literalized. To sustain youth the college provides food for thought strength for the sprit, music for the soul, gymnastic for the body and literature for the whole being.

Teachers of all these varied faculties are highly qualified Being well experienced wizards of wisdom, shape the career of youth mould their characters, inspire students with a wish to teach themselves. The teachers dedicated to their profession accustom the students to the adherence to truth and teach a thousand and one lesson of truth and duty to the young man the zeal of a friend, the generous energy of a father and the excellent affection of a mother.

The lecture halls and practical labs are all well ventilated spacious, furnished and equipped with all modern outfits. The students receive huge intensive coaching and leave the portals of the college with their vision enlarged. Every department headed by an expert teacher produces good academic results.

B.A., (Tamil)

Price on request