B.Tech in Chemical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
In Roorkee

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Roorkee
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Roorkee
  • Duration:
    4 Years


Where and when

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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

The main aim of undergraduate education at IIT Roorkee is to enable students to face the wide-ranging changes taking place in the fields of technology, environment and management with confidence. This includes undertaking design, development, construction, production, managerial and entrepreneurial activities, and higher studies in their chosen or allied interdisciplinary fields of study.
The institute lays great emphasis on assisting students in the development of character and self confidence with management traits. To achieve these goals, the curriculum lays more stress on learning and less on teaching. Efforts are made to encourage self-learning, creative thinking, critical evaluation, spirit of inquiry and imbibing the culture of life long learning.
The institute offers undergraduate programmes leading to bachelors degree in many disciplines and also offers five-year integrated dual degree programmes as given earlier.
Core Courses
CH-601A Advanced Numerical Methods
CH-511 Air Pollution Control Engineering
CH-429 Biochemical Engineering
CH-505 CAD of Heat Transfer Equipment
CH-506 CAD of Mass Transfer Equipment
CH-309 Chemical Engineering Lab-I
CH-310 Chemical Engineering Lab-II
CH-405 Chemical Engineering Lab.-III
CH-204 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CH-522 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CH-503 Chemical Reactor Analysis
CH-304 Chemical Technology
CH-312 Communication Skills
CH-ELE1 Departmental Elective-I
CH-ELE2 Departmental Elective-II
CH-ELE3 Departmental Elective-III
CH-ELE4 Departmental Elective-IV
CH-ELE5 Departmental Elective-V
CH-ELE6 Departmental Elective-VI
CH-544 Design of Safety Systems
CH-558 Distillation Processes
CH-418 Downstream Processes
CH-201 Energy Resources and Conversion
CH-524 Environmental Impact Assesment
CH-513 Environment & its Protection
CH-307 Equipment Design
CH-521 Fire Science & Engineering
CH-205 Fluid Dynamics
CH-562 Hydrocarbon Engineering Lab
CH-551 Hydrocarbon Processing & Engineering-I
CH-552 Hydrocarbon Processing & Engineering-II
CH-308 Industrial Instrumentation
CH-530 Industrial Safety & Hazards Management
CH-IE5 Institte Elective-V
CH-IE1 Institute Elective-I
CH-IE2 Institute Elective-II
CH-IE3 Institute Elective-III
CH-IE4 Institute Elective-IV
CH-IE6 Institute Elective-VI
CH-402 Major Project
CH-203 Material & Energy Balance
CH-202 Mechanical Operations
CH-208 Mechanical Operations
CH-209 Mechanical Operations
CH-409 Minor Project
CH-502C Modeling of Process Safety Control Systems
CH-502A Modelling of Chemical Engg. Systems
CH-502B Modelling of pollution Control Systems
CH-556 Natural Gas Engineering
CH-554 Oil & Gas Transport
CH-302 Process Dynamics and Control
CH-504 Process Dynamics & Control
CH-403 Process Economics and Plant Design
CH-306 Process Equipment Design
CH-507 Process Integration
CH-401 Process Modeling and Simulation
CH-404 Process Utilities & Safety
CH-303 Reaction Engineering
CH-523 Reliability Engineering
CH-561 Research Project
CH-553 Reservoir Engineering
CH-407 Training & Seminar
CH-206 Transfer Processes-I
CH-301 Transfer Processes-II
CH-501 Transport Phenomena
CH-207 Transport Phenomena-I
CH-305 Transport Phenomena-II
CH-515 Water Pollution Control Engineering
Elective Courses
CH-315 Biochemical Engineering
CH-429 Biochemical Engineering
CH-508 Biochemical Engineering
CH-548 Case Studies in Safety and Hazards Management
CH-415 Clean Technologies in Process Industries
CH-408 Cost Engg. and Plant Design
CH-401 Cost Engineering and Plant Design
CH-516 Data acquisition & Monitoring
CH-555 Distilation Process
CH-526 Eco-Friendly and Clean Technology
CH-562 Environmental Management in Hydrocarbon industry
CH-518 Experimental Design Parameter Estimation & Data Analysis
CH-546 Hazardous Waste Management
CH-427 Heterogeneous Catalysis and Reactor Design
CH-514 Heterogeneous Catalysis & Reactor Design
CH-528 Industrial & Municipal Solid Waste Management
CH-411 Industrial Pollution Abatement
CH-530 Industrial Safety & hazard Management
CH-550 Laws for Safety & Hazards
CH-510 Novel Separation Technique
CH-558 Oil & Gas Transport
CH-512 Optimization of Chemical Processes
CH-316 Organic Chemical Technology
CH-322 Petrochemicals
CH-413 Petrochemicals
CH-322 PetroChemicals
CH-314 Petroleum Processing
CH-313 Petroleum Refining
CH-410 Process Economics & Plant Design
CH-423 Process Integration
CH-560 Process Intensification in Hydrocarbon Industry
CH-302 Reaction Engineering
ICH-01 Computational Fluid Dynamics

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