Krishna Institute Of Engineering and Technology
In Ghaziabad

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Ghaziabad
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Ghaziabad
  • Duration:
    4 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
Krishna Institute Of Engineering and Technology Ghaziabad - Meerut Highway (NH-58), P.Box-02, 201206, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
Krishna Institute Of Engineering and Technology Ghaziabad - Meerut Highway (NH-58), P.Box-02, 201206, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Course Structure

Applied Engineering
2 EAS301/
Mathematics III/Science
Based Open Elective**
3 EHU301/
Industrial Psychology/
Industrial Sociology
4 ECH301 Process Calculations
5 ECH302 Mechanical Operations
6 ECH303 Fluid Flow Operation
Science Based Open Elective
EOE031/EOE041: Introduction to Soft Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Genetic
EOE032/EOE042: Nano Sciences
EOE033/EOE043: Laser Systems and Applications
EOE034/EOE044: Space Sciences
EOE035/EOE045: Polymer Science & Technology
EOE036/EOE046: Nuclear Science
EOE037/EOE047: Material Science
EOE038/EOE048: Discrete Mathematics
Industrial Sociology /
Industrial Psychology
2 EOE041-
Science Based Open
Elective/ Mathematics III
3 ECH401 Chemical Engineering
4 ECH402 Heat Transfer
5 ECH403 Chemical Reaction
Engineering- I
6 ECH404 Chemical Technology -I 3
Engineering and
Managerial Economics
2 EAS501 Computer based
Numerical Methods
3 ECH501 MassTransfer Operations-I
4 ECH502 Chemical Reaction
Engineering- II
5 ECH503 Chemical Technology - II
6 ECH504 Process Instrumentation
Industrial Management
2 ECH 011-
ECH 013
Departmental Elective -I
3 ECH 021-
ECH 024
Departmental Elective -II
4 ECH-601 Mass Transfer
5 ECH-602 Process Dynamics &
6 ECH-603 Process Equipment
Departmental Elective I
ECH-011: Energy Resources & Utilization
ECH-012: Energy Management
ECH-013: Energy Efficiency & Energy Conservation
Departmental Elective-II
ECH-021: Optimization Technique in Chemical Engineering
ECH-022: Computational Fluid Dynamics
ECH-023: Statistical Design of Experiments
ECH-024: Process Flow Sheet Simulation
Open Elective- I
Departmental Elective -III
3 EOE041-
Departmental Elective -IV
4 ECH 701 Process Modeling &
5 ECH 702 Plant Design &
Open Electives-I
EOE 071: Entrepreneurship Development
EOE 072: Quality Management
EOE 073: Operations Research
EOE 074: Introduction to Biotechnology
Departmental Elective –III
ECH 031: Air Pollution and Control Equipments
ECH 032: Industrial Pollution Abatement & Waste Management
ECH 033: Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Control
ECH 034: Hazardous Waste Management
Departmental Elective –IV
ECH 041: Process Utility & Safety in Chemical Plants
ECH 042: Corrosion Science & Engineering
ECH 043: Project Engineering & Management
ECH 044: Industrial Safety & Hazard ManagementOpen Elective- II
ECH 054
Departmental Elective -V
ECH 063
Departmental Elective -VI
4 ECH- 801 Transport Phenomena
5 EHU-111 *Human Values &
Professional Ethics
Open Elective- II
EOE 081: Non Conventional Energy Resources
EOE 082: Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
EOE 083: Product Development
EOE 084: Automation and Robotics
Departmental Elective –V
ECH 051: Advance Separation Technology
ECH 052: Design of Piping Systems
ECH 053: Fluidization Engineering
ECH 054: Multiphase Reactor Design
Departmental Elective –VI
ECH 061: Fertilizer Technology
ECH 062: Petroleum Refining Technology
ECH 063: Petrochemical Technology

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