B.Tech in Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
In Roorkee

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Roorkee
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Roorkee
  • Duration:
    4 Years


Where and when

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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

The main aim of undergraduate education at IIT Roorkee is to enable students to face the wide-ranging changes taking place in the fields of technology, environment and management with confidence. This includes undertaking design, development, construction, production, managerial and entrepreneurial activities, and higher studies in their chosen or allied interdisciplinary fields of study.
The institute lays great emphasis on assisting students in the development of character and self confidence with management traits. To achieve these goals, the curriculum lays more stress on learning and less on teaching. Efforts are made to encourage self-learning, creative thinking, critical evaluation, spirit of inquiry and imbibing the culture of life long learning.
The institute offers undergraduate programmes leading to bachelors degree in many disciplines and also offers five-year integrated dual degree programmes as given earlier.

CE-631 Advanced Foundation Engineering
CE-512 Advanced Numerical Analysis
CE-511 Advanced Programming & Computer Graphics
CE-531 Advanced Soil Mechanics
CE-561 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE-622 Air Pollution Control
CE-662 Analysis & Design for Dynamic Effects
CE-632 Applied Rock Mechanics
CE-581 Building Environment and Services
CE-251 Building Materials Construction & Estimation
CE-394 Building Services
CE-583 Cementitcious materials & their characteristics
CE-242 Channel Hydraulics
CE-300 Communication Skills
CE-201 Computer Aided Graphics
CE-562 Concrete Structures
CE-582 Construction Cost Dynamics and Management
CE-254 Construction Materials & Estimation
CE-401 Construction Planning and Management
CE-563 Continuum Mechanics
CE-ELE1 Departmental Elective-I
CE-ELE2 Departmental Elective-II
CE-ELE3 Departmental Elective-III
CE-ELE4 Departmental Elective-IV
CE-666 Design of Bridge Sub Structures
CE-564 Design of Bridge Super Structure I
CE-661 Design of Plates and Shells
CE-352 Design of Reinforced ConcreteElements
CE-451 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE-354 Design of Steel Elements
CE-453 Design of Steel Structures-II
CE-634 Design of Underground Excavations
CE-651 Digital Image Processing
CE-532 Engineering Behaviour of Rocks
CE-101 Engineering Graphics-1
CE-522 Environmental Chemistry
CE-312 Environmental Engineering- I
CE-411 Environmental Engineering- II
CE-601B Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects
CE-102 Environmental Studies
CE-611 Expert Systems, Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems
CE-535 Exploration and Testing of Rocks
CE-601A Finite Element Analysis
CE-241 Fluid Mechanics
CE-542 Fluid Mechanics
CE-322 Foundation Engineering
CE-332 Foundation Engineering
CE-641 Free Surface Flows
CE-551 Geodetic Survey Measurements and Adjustmen Procedures
CE-321 Geomatics Engineering
CE-642 Ground Water Engineering
CE-575 Highway Geometric Design
CE-571 Highway Materials and Testing
CE-341 Hydrology
CE-541 Hydrology
CE-IE1 Institute Elective-I
CE-IE2 Institute Elective-II
CE-IE3 Institute elective-III
CE-IE4 Institute Elective-IV
CE-IE5 Institute Elective-V
CE-IE6 Institute Elective-VI
CE-674 Intersection Design and Analysis
CE-393 Introduction to Foundation Engineering
CE-402 Major Project
CE-405 Minor Project
CE-501 Modelling, Simulation and Computer Applications
CE-501 Modelling, Simulation & Computer Applications
CE-681 Multistorey Buildings
CE-671 Pavement Analysis and Design
CE-232 Pipe and Channel Hydraulics
CE-552 Principles of Photogrammetry
CE-553 Principles of Remote Sensing
CE-222 Principles of Surveying
CE-637 Rock Slope Engineering
CE-331 Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology
CE-252 Structural Analysis-I
CE-351 Structural Analysis-II
CE-392 Structural Design-I
CE-481 Structural Design II
CE-491 Structural Design-II
CE-291 Surveying,Photogrammery and Mapping Techniques
CE-601C Theory & Applications of GIS
CE-292 Theory of Structures-I
CE-391 Theory of Structures-II
CE-572 Traffic Engineering & Field Studies
CE-403 Training & Seminar
CE-362 Transportation Engineering-I
CE-461 Transportation Engineering-II
CE-672 Transportation Planning
CE-521 Treatment Process I
CE-621 Treatment Process II
CE-311 Waste Management
CE-523 Water Quality Lab.
CE-431 Water Resources Engineering
CE-212 Water Supply Engineering
Elective Courses
CE-463 Advanced Highway Engineering
CE-453 Advanced Structural Engineering
CE-462 Advanced Traffic Engineering
CE-623 Advanced Water Supply & Sewerage (S/A)
CE-654 Advances in Remote Sensing (S)
CE-577 Airport Planning and Design (A)
CE-652 Analytical & Digital Photogrammetry (S)
CE-567 Cable Stayed and Suspension Bridges (A)
CE-513 CAD of Environmental Systems (A)
CE-612 CAD of Foundations (S)
CE-664 CAD of Structures (S)
CE-514 CAD of Transportation Engg. (A)
CE-584 Codes Contracts & Valuation (A)
CE-646 Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics (S)
CE-569 Computational Nonlinear Mechanics (A)
CE-455 Computer Aided Design And Structure
CE-515 Computer Aided Project Analysis & Management (A)
CE-401 Construction Planning & Management
CE-563 Continumn Mechanics (A)
CE-563 Continuum Mechanics (A)
CE-564 Design of Bridge Super Structure I (A)
CE-667 Design of Bridge Superstructure II (S)
CE-661 Design of Plates and Shells (S)
CE-633 Design of Substructures (S)
CE-651 Digital Image processing (S)
CE-544 Embankment Dams (A)
CE-413 Environmental Management
CE-636 Excavation Technology(S)
CE-543 Fluvial Hydraulics (A)
CE-630 Foundations on Weak Rocks
CE-630 Foundations on weak Rocks (S/A)
CE-656 Geoinformatics for Disaster Management (A/S)
CE-656 Geo Informatics for Land Use/Land Cover Mapping and Analysis
CE-657 Geoinformatics for Urban & Regional Planning (S)
CE-658 Geoinformatics for Water Resources (S)
CE-635 Ground Improvement Engineering (S/A)
CE-635 Ground Improvement Engineering(S/A)
CE-431 Ground Water Improvement
CE-626 Hazardous Waste and Risk Management
CE-626 Hazardous Waste and Risk Management (S/A)
CE-673 Highway Construction (S)
CE-575 Highway Geometric Design (A)
CE-574 Highway Subgrade & Foundation Analysis (A)
CE-585 Human Resource Development & Management (A)
CE-432 Hydraulic Structures
CE-645 Hydro Power Engineering (S)
CE-624 Industrial Waste Management
CE-624 Industrial Waste Management (S)
CE-674 Intersection Design and Analysis (S)
CE-554 Introduction to Geodesy and GPS Surveying
CE-644 Irrigation and Drainage (A)
CE-670 Low Cost Roads (S/A)
CE-655 Machine Learning & Fuzzy Techniques in Image Processing (S)
CE-568 Maintenance testing & Rehabilitation of Bridges (A)
CE-676 Mass Transportation System (S)
CE-663 Mechanics of Composites (S)
CE-566 Metal Structures (A)
CE-555 Microwave Remote Sensing (A/S)
CE-682 Modern Construction Technology (S)
CE-576 Multimodal Transportation System Planning and Design (A)
CE-573 Pavement Systems Management (A)
CE-530 Plasticity and Fracture Mechanics in Rock Structures
CE-551 Principles of Remote Sensing
CE-683 Quantitative Methods & Project Financing (S)
CE-684 Re-engineering of Structures (S)
CE-653 Remote Sensing for Land UseLand Cover Mapping
CE-642A RF and Microwave MEMS
CE-422 Rock Engineering
CE-660 Satellite Geodesy(A/S)
CE-534 Seepage in Foundations and Earth Structures
CE-534 Seepage in Foundations & Earth Structures (A/S)
CE-533 Soil Dynamics & Machine Foundations (A)
CE-660 Soil Structure Interaction (A/S)
CE-524 Solid Waste Management
CE-524 Solid Waste Management (A)
CE-665 Structural Optimization & Risk Analysis (S)
CE-406 System Analysis
CE-640 Systems Engineering (S/A)
CE-625 Thermal and Noise Pollution (S)
CE-677 Traffic Flow Theory and Planning and Design (A)
CE-578 Transportation and Environment (A)
CE-675 Transportation System Analysis (S)
CE-525 Water Quality Management (A)
CE-643 Water Resources Engineering (S)
CE-412 Water & Waste Water Treatment
CE-659 Web GIS (A/S)
CE-565 Wind Engineering (A)
ICE-02 Digital Image Processing
ICE-03 Global Positioning System and Its Applications
ICE-01 Mechanics of Laminated Technology
ICE-04 Theory and Applications of Geographic Information System

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