B.Tech in Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
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Typology Bachelor
Location Roorkee
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Roorkee
  • Duration:
    4 Years


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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

Presently the college is running the courses at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels and providing excellent facilities to carry out research work for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree, R&D work for sponsored and consultancy projects and testing and consultancy work for industrial problems.This is, of course, in addition to the regular courses in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) and Master of Technology (M.Tech.) that are a part of the curriculum. So, we welcome you to this arena of the world which holds the pride of being a pioneer in the area of Electrical Engineering even when most of the world was evolving the subject .of Electrical Engineering was founded in the year 1957 under aegis of the Government of India. Since then Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Roorkee (formerly University of Roorkee) has made landmark contributions to the development of cutting edge technology in various branches.

EE-521 Advanced Industrial and Electronic Instrumentation
EE-502 Advanced Instrumentation Technology
EE-540 Advanced Power Electronics
EE-542 Analysis of Electric Machines
EE-205 Applied Electronics
EE-309 Applied Instrumentation
EE-522 Biomedical Instrumentation
EE-441 Building Technology-I
EE-310 Communication Skills
EE-560 Computer Aided Power System Analysis
EE-306 Control Systems
EE-ELE1 Departmental Elective-I
EE-ELE2 Departmental Elective-II
EE-ELE3 Departmental Elective-III
EE-ELE4 Departmental Elective-IV
EE-208 Digital Electronic Circuit and Systems
EE-561 EHVAC and HVDC Transmission
EE-202 Electrical Machines I
EE-303 Electrical Machines-II
EE-203 Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments
EE-101 Electrical Science
EE-313 Electrical Technology
EE-304 Electric Drives
EE-541 Electric Drives-I
EE-543 Electric Drives-II
EE-204 Electromagnetic Field Theory
EE-308 Electronic Instrumentation
EE-554 FACTS Devices
EE-562 High Voltage Techniques
EE-567 HVDC Systems
EE-IE1 Institute Elective-I
EE-IE2 Institute Elective-II
EE-IE3 Institute Elective-III
EE-IE4 Institute Elective-IV
EE-IE5 Institute Elective-V
EE-IE6 Institute Elective-VI
EE-IE7 Institute Elective-VII
EE-402 Major Project
EE-520 Measurement Systems and Error Analysis
EE-307 Microprocessors & Peripheral Devices
EE-405 Minor Project
EE-503 Modeling Simulation & Evolutionary Techniques
EE-201 Network Theory
EE-501 On-line Computer Application Techniques
EE-582 Operation Research
EE-206 Power Electronics
EE-302 Power System Analysis & Control
EE-565 Power System Dynamics
EE-301 Power System Engineering
EE-563 Power System Operation and Control
EE-580 Principle of System Engineering
EE-401 Protection and Switchgear
EE-564 Relaying and Switchgear
EE-504 Research Project
EE-305 System Engineering
EE-581 System Optimization
EE-403 Training & Seminar
Elective Courses
EE-585 Advanced Computer Controlled Systems
EE-521 Advanced Industrial & Electronic Instrumentation
EE-545 Advanced Microprocessors and Applications
EE-417 Advanced Power Electronics
EE-526 Bioelectric Signals & Processing
EE-413 CAD of Electric Power Apparatus
EE-555 CAD of Power Apparatus
EE-527 Computer in Medical Engineering
EE-549 Control Techniques in Power Electronics for AC Drives
EE-586 Data Management
EE-421 Data Structures
EE-587 Data Structures
EE-546 Design of Electric Drives
EE-429 Digital Image Processing
EE-570 Digital Protection of Power System
EE-422 Digital Signal Processing
EE-589 Digital Signal Processors
EE-548 Drive System in Electric Traction
EE-561 EHVAC & HVDC Transmission
EE-416 Elements of Power System Reliability
EE-545 Embedded Controller and its Applications
EE-554 FACTS Devices
EE-593 Graph Theory and Applications
EE-529 Hospital Informatics & Safety Measures
EE-567 HVDC Systems
EE-547 Instrumentation in Electric Drives
EE-532 Intelligent Sensors & Instrumentation
EE-423 Introduction To Artificial Neural Networks
EE-588 Large Scale Systems
EE-528 Microprocessor Based Medical Instruments
EE-544 Microprocessor Controlled Electric Drives
EE-590 Modelling of Industrial Processes
EE-525 Noise and Interference in Instrumentation
EE-569 On Line Computer Applications to Power Systems
EE-418 Power Quality Improvement Techniques
EE-553 Power Quality Improvement Techniques
EE-530 Power System Instrumentation
EE-566 Power System Planning
EE-568 Power System Reliability
EE-428 Process Instrumentation & Control
EE-523 Process Instrumentation & Control
EE-550 Pulse Width Modulation for Power Converters
EE-592 Reliability Testing and Prediction
EE-556 Selected Topics in Machines and Transformers
EE-430 Single Chip Microcomputer and Applications
EE-552 Single-Chip Microcomputers and Applications
EE-558 Special Machines
EE-583 Stochastic System
EE-552A Switch Mode Power Supply
EE-557 Synchronous Machines and System Stability
EE-591 System Reliability
EE-524 Telemetry & Remote Control
EE-411 Testing and Commisioning of Electrical Equipment
EE-551 Topologies of Enhanced Power Quality AC/DC Converters
EE-531 Ultrasonic & Laser Instrumentation
IEE-01 Advanced Microprocessors and Interfacing
IEE-03 Artificial Neural Network and Applications
IEE-04 Database Management
IEE-02 Embedded Systems
IEE-05 Introduction to Microprocessors

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