B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

The National Institute of Technology
In Durgapur

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Typology Bachelor
Location Durgapur
  • Bachelor
  • Durgapur


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National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

The Electronics and Communication Engineering course was initiated in 1983. In the early years the aim was in the development of a good infrastructural facility for teaching the B. E. course. After the formation of the new department in 1990 the development took a new turn. In the initial years there was space and fund shortage. After shifting of the department to the present location the space problem reduced. Funds granted for development of the infrastructural facilities were inadequate. Moreover in Electronics and Communication Engineering the technology is progressing in such a brisk pace that to keep abreast new equipments need to be procured every three to five years. Regular inflow of funds were necessary to keep the labs equipped with, state of art technology, instruments. The main obstacle in the steady growth of the department throughout its existence for the last seventeen years ? is shortage of faculty. This has hindered the growth of the department. Under all these constraints the department has developed facilities, which is imparting good training to the undergraduate students.
The PC lab of the department has been upgraded with Pentium III Computers and PCB- fabrication lab has been developed. For the development of DSP Lab an amount of Rs. 5.00 lakhs has been sanctioned. Utilizing this fund Four TMS320C5416 DSK kit, four TMS320C6711 DSK kit with code composer studio and four Pentium-IV based desktop PC has been procured for DSP lab. This would enable the students to get a practical understanding about digital signal processing. Faculty members, who desire to do research and development work in the specific fields can pursue with their endeavour.

Semester 1
M101 Mathematics-I
PH101 Engineering Physics
CH101 Engineering Chemistry
AM101 Engineering Mechanics-I
GE101 Environmental Studies
HU101 English
DR151 Engineering Graphics-I
PH151 Physics Laboratory
CH151 Chemistry Laboratory
AM151 Engineering Mechanics Laboratory-I
WS151 Workshop Practice-I
EAA1 Extra Academic Activities

Semester 2
M201 Mathematics-II
AM201 Engineering Mechanics-II
CSE201 Introduction to Computing
ECE201 Basic Electronics
EE201 Electrical Circuits
DR251 Engineering Graphics-II
AM251 Engineering Mechanics Lab-II
CSE251 Computing Laboratory -
ECE251 Basic Electronics Laboratory
EE251 Electrical Circuits Laboratory
WS251 Workshop Practice-II -
EEA II Extra Academic Activities

Semester 3
HU301 Engineering Economics & Accountacy
M301 Mathematics-III
ECE301 Network Analysis & Synthesis
ECE302 Analog Circuit
CSE321 Programming & Data Structures
EE321 Electrical Machines
ECE351 Network Laboratory
CSE371 Programming & Data Structures Lab
ECE371 Electrical Machines Laboratory

Semester 4
Open Elective-I
ECE401 Digital Electronics
ECE402 Analog Communication
ECE403 Engineering Electromagnetics
ECE404 Power Electronics
PH401 Physics of Semiconductor Devices
ECE451 Digital Electronics Lab
ECE452 Analog Circuit Lab
PH451 Semiconductor Devices Lab

Semester 5
ECE501 Digital Communication
ECE502 Computer Architechture and Organisation
ECE503 Introduction to VLSI
ECE504 Microwave Egineering
ECE505 Measurement and Instrumentation
ECE510-15 Departmental Elective-I
ECE552 Computer Organisation Lab
ECE553 Power Electronics Lab
ECE554 Microwave Lab

Semester 6
MB601 Principles of Management
CSE621 Computer Networks
ECE601 Microprocessor and Applications
ECE602 Antenna and Propagation Engineering
EE621 Control System Engineering
ECE610-12 Departmental Elective-II
ECE651 Digital Communication Laboratory
ECE652 Microwave Engineering Lab
HU651 Professional Communication
EE671 Control Laboratory

Semester 7
EL I Open Elective-II
ECE701 Digital Signal Processing
ECE710-12 Departmental Elective-III
ECE713-15 Departmental Elective-IV
ECE751 Digital Signal Processing Lab
ECE752 Microprocessor Lab
ECE753 Seminar-I -
ECE754 Project Work-I
ECE755 Vocational Training(after Sixth Semester)

Semester 8
Open Elective-III
ECE810-15 Departmental Elective-V
ECE851 Design Laboratory
ECE852 Simulation Lab
ECE853 Seminar-II
ECE854 Project Work-II
ECE855 Viva Voce

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