B.Tech in Electronics & Computer Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
In Roorkee

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Roorkee
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Roorkee
  • Duration:
    4 Years


Where and when

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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

Telecommunication education at IIT Roorkee dates back to 1957 when a B.E. programme in Telecommunication was started in the Department of Electrical Engineering of the then University of Roorkee. In view of the increasing importance of the Electronics Engineering discipline, a separate Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 1964 to offer Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics& Communication and Master of Engineering degrees in Advanced Electronics and Applied Electronics & Servomechanisms. In 1968, the postgraduate programme was restructured with specializations in the areas of Communication Systems, Control and guidance, Microwaves and Radar, and Solid State Electronics. Two new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Computer Science and Technology were started in the year 1982. Keeping in view the activities of the department, the name was changed to Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering in 1987.

EC-523 Advanced Computer Networks
EC-521 Advanced Data Base Management Systems
EC-301 Analog Electronics
EC-334 Antennas and Wave Propagation
EC-342 Antennas & Wave Propagation
EC-425 Artificial Intelligence
EC-371 Assembly Language Programming Lab
EC-321 Automatic Control Systems
EC-431 Automatic Control Systems
EC-552 Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
EC-302 Communication Skills
EC-362 Communication Systems Lab.
EC-312 Communication Systems & Techniques
EC-354 Compiler Design
EC-421 Compiler Design
EC-372 Compiler Lab.
EC-252 Computer Architecture and Microprocessors
EC-222 Computer Architecture & Organization
EC-326 Computer Networks
EC-356 Computer Networks
EC-473 Computer Networks Lab.
EC-471 Computer Networks Laboratory
EC-101A Computer Systems & Programming
EC-363 Control System Lab.
EC-532 Control Systems
EC-463 Control Systems Laboratory
EC-423 Database Management Systems
EC-451 Database Management Systems
EC-221 Data Structures
EC-251 Data Structures
EC-ELE1 Departmental Elective-I
EC-ELE2 Departmental Elective-II
EC-ELE3 Departmental Elective-III
EC-ELE4 Departmental Elective-IV
EC-ELE5 Departmental Elective-V
EC-351 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EC-511 Digital Communication Systems
EC-203 Digital Electronics
EC-204 Digital Electronics
EC-262 Digital Hardware Lab
EC-411 Digital Signal Processing
EC-254 Discrete Structures
EC-600Y Dissertation (contd from last Semester)
EC-542 Electromagnetic Field Theory
EC-102 Electronics
EC-331 Engineering Electromagnetics
EC-341 Engineering Electromagnetics
EC-101B Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
EC-512 Information and Communication Theory
EC-IE1 Institute Elective-I
EC-IE2 Institute Elective-II
EC-IE3 Institute Elective-III
EC-IE4 Institute Elective-IV
EC-IE5 Institute Elective-V
EC-IE6 Institute Elective-VI
EC-656 Intrusion detection system
EC-510 Laboratory I
EC-520 Laboratory I
EC-530 Laboratory I
EC-540 Laboratory I
EC-550 Laboratory-I
EC-610 Laboratory II
EC-620 Laboratory II
EC-630 Laboratory-II
EC-640 Laboratory-II
EC-650 Laboratory-II
EC-201 Linear Circuits
EC-361 Linear IC Application Lab.
EC-492 Major Project
EC-303 Microprocessors & Interfacing
EC-541 Microwave Engineering
EC-461 Microwave Lab.
EC-332 Microwave Techniques
EC-441 Microwave Techniques
EC-501 Modelling and Simulation
EC-500 Object Oriented Programming & Design
EC-271 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
EC-522 Operating System Design
EC-324 Operating Systems
EC-353 Operating Systems
EC-311 Principles of Digital Communication
EC-352 Principles of Programming Languages
EC-PRE1 Program Elective-I
EC-PRE2 Program Elective-II
EC-PRE3 Program Elective-III
EC-PRE4 Program Elective-IV
EC-PRE5 Program Elective-V
EC-PRE6 Program Elective-VI
EC-631 RF Receiver Design for Wireless Applications
EC-631N RF Receiver Design for Wireless Applications
EC-551 Semiconductor Device Models for Circuit Simulation
EC-242 Semicondutor Devices and Technology
EC-202 Signals and Systems
EC-320 Software Engineering
EC-357 Software Engineering
EC-224 System Software
EC-253 System Software
EC-531 System Theory
EC-513 Telecommunication Networks
EC-413 Telecommunication Switching, Networks & Protocols
EC-322 Theory of Computation
EC-355 Theory of Computation
EC-491 Training & Seminar
EC-364 VLSI Lab.
EC-501A Wireless Communication
EC-562x Wireless Communication Lab
EC-562N Wireless Communication Lab.
Elective Courses
EC-614 Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques
EC-555N Advance Computer Networks
EC-524 Advanced Computer Architecture
EC-556N Advanced Computer Architecture
EC-523 Advanced Computer Networks
EC-516 Advanced Digital Communication Techniques
EC-566 Advanced JAVA Programming
EC-551N Advanced Operating Systems
EC-528 AI and Neural Network
EC-558 AnalogVSLICircuitDesign
EC-544 Antenna Theory and Design
EC-544 Antenna Theory & Design
EC-425 Artificial Intelligance
EC-382 Artificial Intelligence
EC-425 Artificial Intelligence
EC-515 Coding Theory and Application
EC-515 Coding Theory & Applications
EC-527 Compiler Techniques
EC-559 CompoundSemiconductors&Devices
EC-543 Computational Methods for Electromagnetics
EC-543 Computational Methods for Electromagnetics
EC-356 Computer Networks
EC-101A Computer Systems and Programming
EC-542N Device and Circuit SImulation
EC-533 Digital Control systems
EC-533 Digital Control Systems
EC-384 Digital Image Processing
EC-411 Digital Signal Processing and Applications
EC-514 Digital Signal Processing and Applications
EC-411 Digital Signal Processing & Applications
EC-514 Digital Signal Processing & Applications
EC-557 DigitalVLSICircuitDesign
EC-557 Digital VLSI Circuit Design
EC-557 Digital VSLI
EC-624 Distributed Systems
EC-535 Dynamics Systems & Optimization
EC-539 Fibre-optics Systems
EC-539 Fibre Optic Systems
EC-101B Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
EC-534 Fuzzy Control
EC-534 Fuzzy Control
EC-538 Guidance & Space Navigation
EC-564 High Performance Computing
EC-512 Information & communication theory
EC-512 Information & Communication Theory
EC-656 Intrusion Detection System
EC-656N Intrusion Detection Systems
EC-623 Management Informations Systems
EC-623 Management Information System
EC-623 Management Information Systems
EC-623 Management Information Systems
EC-547 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits
EC-531N Microwave Engineering
EC-547 Micro Wave/Milli meter circuits
EC-558N Mobile Computing
EC-621 Mobile Computing
EC-501N Modelling and Simulation
EC-546N MOS Device Physics & Modelling
EC-529 Multimedia Technology
EC-565 Natural Language Processing
EC-622 Network Programming
EC-662 Network Programming
EC-622 Network Programming
EC-552N Network Programming in Unix
EC-554N Network Security
EC-536 Non. Linear and adaptive Control
EC-522 Operating Systems Design
EC-517 Optical Communication Systems
EC-543N Optoelectrconic Materials & Devices
EC-553 Optoelectronics&Devices
EC-652N Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
EC-563 Project Planning & Quality Asurance
EC-546 Radar Systems
EC-641 RF/Microwave Design for Wireless Application
EC-641 RF Microwave Design for Wireless Communications
EC-642 RF & Microwave MEMS
EC-537 Robotics & Computer Vision
EC-519 Selected Topics in Communication
EC-562 Selected Topics in Information Technology
EC-562 Selected Topics in IT Applications
EC-556 Semiconductor Microwave and Millimeterwave Devices & Applications
EC-545 Semiconductor Microwave Devices
EC-525 Software Engg.
EC-320 Software Engineering
EC-525 Software Engineering
EC-518 Speech and Image Processing
EC-518 Speech & Image Processing
EC-413 Telecomm Switching Networks and Protocols
EC-413 Telecomm. switching, Networks & Protocols
EC-513 Telecommunication Networks
EC-413 Telecom Switching Nets & Protocols
EC-413 Tel. Switching Networks and Protocols
EC-526 Theory of Computation
EC-554 VLSIPhysicalDesign
EC-541N VLSI Physical Design
EC-555 VLSITechnology
EC-342 VLSI Technology
EC-625 VLSI Testing
EC-548 Wireless Communication Links and Antennas
EC-612 Wireless Networks
IEC-04 Industrial and Medical Applications of RF Energy
IEC-05 Semiconductor Devices and VLSI Technology

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