B.Tech in Information Technology

The National Institute of Technology
In Durgapur

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Typology Bachelor
Location Durgapur
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  • Durgapur


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National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Information Technology- The department has been offering undergraduate course in IT since 2000.within a very short span of time, the department has created an excellent learning environment with dedicated young faculty members, technical staff, 'state-of-the-art' laboratories and innovative academic processes
The department provides computational facilities for system level programmers, application development and research. Full fledged FPGA implementation and development facilities linked with embedded system tool and MATLAB provides a smooth platform for ambitious developers. For application level developers, complete enterprise level suites such as J2EE and Microsoft.net platform (along with visual studio.net) are available. For research, the department provides advanced simulation platform for networking communication system, network security etc .MATLAB with toolboxes for image processing, communication, signal processing neural network & fuzzy logic are available for analytical modeling and experimentation. Experts from Microsoft and IBM frequently conduct special classes on special platforms and tools for student of the department.

Semester 1
M101 Mathematics-I
PH101 Engineering Physics
CH101 Engineering Chemistry
AM101 Engineering Mechanics-I
GE101 Environmental Studies
HU101 English
DR151 Engineering Graphics-I
PH151 Physics Laboratory
CH151 Chemistry Laboratory
AM151 Engineering Mechanics Laboratory-I
WS151 Workshop Practice-I
EAA1 Extra Academic Activities

Semester 2
M201 Mathematics-II
AM201 Engineering Mechanics-II
CSE201 Introduction to Computing
ECE201 Basic Electronics
EE201 Electrical Circuits
DR251 Engineering Graphics-II
AM251 Engineering Mechanics Lab-II
CSE251 Computing Laboratory -
ECE251 Basic Electronics Laboratory
EE251 Electrical Circuits Laboratory
WS251 Workshop Practice-II 2
EEA II Extra Academic Activities

Semester 3
Hu301 Engineering Economics & Accountacy
M301 Mathematics III
IT301 Data Structure & Algorithms
IT302 Digital Electronics
M302 Discrete Structure
ECE323 Principals of Electronics Devices
IT351 Data Structure Lab
IT352 Digital Electronics Lab
ECE372 Electronics Circuit Lab

Semester 4
Open Elective - 1
IT401 Computer Organization & Architecture
IT402 Communication System
IT403 Data Base Management System
IT404 Operating System
M403 Numerical Analysis for Computers
IT451 Communication Engg. Lab
IT452 Data Base Management System Lab
IT453 Operating System Lab
IT452 Proffesional Orientation in IT

Semester 5
IT501 Microprocessor
IT502 Theory of Computation
IT503 Digital Communication
IT504 Computer Networks
IT505 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
IT510-514 Departmental Elective - I
IT551 Micro. Proc. Lab
IT552 Comp. Networks Lab
IT553 Computer Architecture Lab

Semester 6
MB601 Principles of Management
IT601 Object Oriented Technology
IT602 Principle of Language translation
IT603 Software Engg.
IT604 Internet & Web Technology
IT610-614 Departmental Elective-II
HU651 Proffesional Communication
IT651 Internet & Web Tech. Lab
IT652 Object Oriented Technology Lab

Semester 7
EL 1 Open Elective -II
IT701 Multimedia
IT710-718 Departmental Elective-III
IT710-718 Departmental Elective-IV
IT751 Multimedia & Graphics lab
IT752 Component Development Lab
IT753 Seminar-I
IT754 Project I
IT755 Vocational Training(after 6th Semester)

Semester 8
Open Elective-3
IT810-814 Departmental Elective-V
IT851 Modelling and Simulation Lab
IT852 Embedded System Design Lab.
IT853 Seminar II
IT854 Project Work II
IT855 Viva Voice

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