B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Rajeev Gandhi Memorial college of Engineering & Technology
In Kurnool

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Kurnool
Duration 4 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Kurnool
  • Duration:
    4 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
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NANDYAL - 518 501 KURNOOL Dist. A.P., 518501, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
NANDYAL - 518 501 KURNOOL Dist. A.P., 518501, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

To be a center of excellence by providing cutting edge Technical skills for creative Mechanical Engineers with good professional ethics.


1. To Produce Mechanical Engineers who are exceptionally competent, disciplined and have a sense of devotion to their profession.
2. To develop the frame work for promoting the Industry- Institute interaction.
3. To adapt modern teaching techniques to give attention to all the students individually.
4. To establish modern laboratory facilities to impart quality education to the students.
5. To inculcate research orientation among the student community.
6. To provide basics with strong foundation.

Head of the Department:
Dr.K.Thirupathi Reddy, (HOD-M.E) Professor in Mechanical Engineering, having 16 years of teaching experience, has been graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Marathwada University, Aurangabad in 1992. Later he has obtained his Master's degree in Thermal Engineering from J.N.T.University, Hyderabad in 1998. He was awarded a Doctorate for his work in"Alternative fuels for I.C Engines" by J.N.T.University, Hyderabad in the year 2008. He is very actively involved in Research work and presented 15 Research papers on different topics in the field of Mechanical Engineering. In his total endeavour as a teacher, he is known for his friendliness with the students and his colleagues. He is a man of simplicity, sincerity and hard working. He has been associated with the institution from the inception and actively involved in the development of the department as well as the institution.
The Department is well equipped with state of art of equipment worth of Rs.1.25 Crores.

1. The Centralized CAD/CAM Lab equipped with latest softwares, like Auto Desk Educational solution set, ANSYS 10.0, Pro-E 5.0 ,Edge CAM, Engine Soft, ROBOT Simulation software with 60 No's of latest configuration computing systems and CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine, 6-Axis Articulated ROBOT, etc.
2. Central Work Shop equipped with Bosch Power Tools, etc.
3. Manufacturing Technology Lab possesses equipments like Injection & Blow Molding Machine, Water Plasma, Arc & Spot Welding Machines, Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine, Hydraulic Press, etc.
4. Thermal Engineering Lab, equipped with Computerized Diesel Engine Test Rig, Computerized Exhaust Gas Analyzer & Smoke Meter, Multi cylinder Diesel & Petrol Engine Test Rigs, Digital Refrigeration Test Rig, Digital Year Round Air Conditioning Test Rig, Air Compressor, etc.
5. Instrumentation Lab possesses various devices to measure, Pressures, Temperature, Displacement, Speed, Flow & Vibration, etc.
6. Heat Transfer Lab consists of all devices like, Convection, Conduction & Radiation Heat Transfer, Thermal Conductivity, Emissivity, Steffen Boltzmann, Heat Exchangers, Heat Flux & Heat Pipe, etc.
7. Fuels & Lubricants Lab equipped with various devices for measuring fuels properties like, Flash, Fire, Cloud & Pore Points, Viscosity, Viscosity Index, Carbon residue, Calorific Value & Ash Content, etc.
8. Metrology & Machine Tools Lab equipped with all types of Lathes, Milling, Drilling, Shaper, Planner, Slotting & Grinding Machine and Measuring Devices for measuring lengths, heights, diameters, bores, gears, tapers, threads & surface roughness, etc.
9. Metallurgy Lab equipped with Belt Polishing Machine, Disk Polishing Machine, Specimen Cutting Machine, Specimen Mounting Press, Metallurgical Microscope, Induction furnace, Jomny End Quench Apparatus, Magna Flux Non Destructive Testing Apparatus, Standard Specimens for Microscopic Examination, etc.
10. Mechanics of Solids Lab possesses various equipment for measuring, tensile and compressive strength, torsion, hardness, Impact & shear strength of Material Materials.
11. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines Lab equipped with Fluid Flow Measuring Devices like, Venturi Meter, Orifice Meter, Notches and also a devices to measure friction factor, head losses & Impact of jet on vanes, and Hydraulic Machines like, Pelton, Kaplan and Francis Turbines, Centrifugal, Reciprocating Pumps, etc.

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