B.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

The National Institute of Technology
In Durgapur

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Typology Bachelor
Location Durgapur
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  • Durgapur


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National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
National Institute of Technology Durgapur, West Bengal India , 713209, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Metallurgy- dictionary tells us it's the scientific study of metals and its uses. Ever since the dawn of the bronze age, gradually metals have reached the zenith of the domination each and every step of the civilization. Technologically speaking metals are ruling the entire universe with aircrafts in the sky and submarines under the ocean. A lion's share of the credit for the advent of the reign of metals goes to its parent branch metallurgical engineering.
A highly qualified faculty adorns this department. Their single minded dedication towards this noble branch has taken it to the prestigious position it holds today. In addition, highly expensive machineries, ornament, the laboratories of the metallurgical engineering department, some of which range in lakhs. This facilitates the students to expand their horizon of knowledge.
The instron- a specialized universal testing machine, which is one of the costliest machines sits grandly in the laboratory. There is a microscopic study laboratory, thermo dynamics laboratory, corrosion laboratory equipped with state of art machines. Melting facility and testing facility is also available. The department of Metallurgy, soon to be called the department of Metallurgy and Material Science Engineering Department has high level interactions with the CMERI, DSP and other steel plants in and around Durgapur. They provide testing and consultancy services to these institutions. The department has also been accredited by National Board of Accredition for 5 years.
In this branch research is the order of the day. If the laboratories and red-blue chemicals are the stuff your dreams are made of, then this is the branch offers you more scope than imaginable.

Semester 1
M101 Mathematics - I
PH101 Engineering Physics
CH101 Engineering Chemistry
AM101 Engineering Mechanics
GE101 Environmental Studies
HU101 English
DR151 Engineering Graphics
PH151 Physics Laboratory
CH151 Chemistry Laboratory
AM151 Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
WS151 Workshop Practise
EAA I Extra Academic Activities

Semester 2
M201 Engineering Economics & Accountacy
AM201 Mathematics III
CSE201 Data Structure & Algorithms
ECE201 Digital Electronics
EE201 Discrete Structure
DR251 Principals of Electronics Devices
AM251 Data Structure Lab
CSE251 Digital Electronics Lab
ECE251 Electronics Circuit Lab
EE251 Electrical Circuits Laboratory
WS251 Workshop Practise - II
EAA II Extra Academic Actities

Semester 3
Hu301 Engineering Economics & Accountacy
M301 Mathematics III
MME301 Introduction to Meallurgy & Materials
MME302 Principles & Extractive Metallurgy
AM321 Fluid Mechanics
CSE321 Programming & Data Structure
MME351 Introduction to Metallurgy & Materials Laboratory
MME352 Principles & Extractive Metallurgy Lab
CSE371 Programming & Data Structure Laboratory

Semester 4
GE421 Economic Geology
MME401 Thermodynamics & Materials
MME402 Phase Equilibria & Phase Ttransformation
MME403 Extractive Metallurgy of Non ferrous Metals
MME404 Extractive Metallurgy of Non ferrous Metals
MME451 Introduction to Metallurgy & Materials Laboratory
MME452 Thermodynamics & Materials Lab
GE471 Economic Geology
Open Elective - I

Semester 5
MME501 Transport Phenomena
MME502 Foundry Technology
MME503 Imperfection & Deformation & Materials
MME504 Iron Making
MME505 Engineering Materials
MME510-13 Departmental Elective - I
MME551 Foundry Technology Laboratory
MME552 Imperfection & Deformation & Materials Lab
MME553 Engineering Materials Lab

Semester 6
MB601 Principle Of Management
MME601 Heat Treatment of Metal & Alloy
MME602 Testing Of Materials
MME603 Steel Making
MM604 Metal Forming Technology
MM610-13 Departmental Elective - II
HU651 Professional Communications
MM651 Heat Treatment of Metal & Alloy Lab
MM652 Testing of Materials Laboratory

Semester 7
Open Elective - II
MME701 X-Ray Diffraction & Scanning Electron Microscopy
MME710-13 Departmental Elective - III
MME714-18 Departmental Elective - IV
MME751 X-Ray Diffraction & SEM Laboratory
MME752 Metal Joining Laboratory
MME753 Seminar - I/Viva voce
MME754 Project Work & Thesis
MME755 Industrial in Plant Training & Visit

Semester 8
Open Elective - III
MME810-13 Departmental Elective - V
MME851 Computer Application in Metallurgical Process Laboratory
MME852 Metal Joining Lab
MME853 Seminar - II
MME854 Project Work & Thesis
MME855 Viva voce

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