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Course programme

Course Curriculum : B.A. (Voc.)
Semester 1 Travel & Tourism Management Course 1 Tourism Business- 1 Course 2 Tourism Product- 1 History Course 1 Political History of India from the earliest times to the Mauryas Course 2 Political History of India from the post Mauryan times to Harsha Sociology Course 1 Basic Concepts Course 2 Social Environmental General English Course 1 Grammar Course 2 Essay (First five from prescribed book) University Publication No.101 (A book of essays) Rastriya Gaurav and Environment Semester 2 Travel & Tourism Management Course 3 Tourism Business- II Course 4 Tourism Product- II History Course 3 Political History of India from the Rajputs to the Turkish Conquest Course 4 Political History of India from the Turkish Conquest to the End of Delhi Sultanate Sociology Course 3 Indian Sociology Course 4 Social Institution General English Course 3 Translation, Comprehension, Essays & Grammar Course 4 Essay (Last five from prescribed book) Agra University Publication No. 101 (A book of essays) Job Training Semester 3 Travel & Tourism Management Course 5 Tourism Marketing- I Course 6 Tourism Agency, Tour Business & Accommodation- I History Course 5 Political History of India from Babur to Aurangzab(1562 AD- 1707 AD) Course 6 Political History of India from the (1707 AD-1865 AD) Sociology Course 5 Social control Course 6 Social Change Economics Course 5 Money & Banking Course 6 International Economics and World Economic Organisation General English Course 5 Grammar Course 6 Short stories I (First five from prescribed book) Agra University Publication No. 103 (Modern short Stories) Job Training Semester 4 Travel Course 7 Tourism Marketing II Course 8 Tourism Agency, Tour Business & Accommodation II History Course 7 Political History of India from (1857AD - 1947AD) Course 8 Ancient Indian Culture Sociology Course 7 Social Research & Survey Research Methodology Course 8 Research Methodology Economics Course 7 Public Finance - I Course 8 Public Finance - II General English Course 7 Translation, Application and letter writing Course 8 Short Stories II (Last five from prescribed book) Agra University Publication No. 103(Modern Short Stories) Job Training Semester 5 Travel & Tourism Management Course 9 Emerging concepts for Effective Tourism Development Course 10 Information, Communication, Automation History Course 9 Medieval Indian Culture Course 10 Modern Indian Culture Sociology Course 9 History of Social Thought Course 10 Sociological Perspective Economics Course 9 Economics Analysis - I Course 10 Economics Analysis -II General English Course 9 Grammar & Writing Skill Course 10 A Treasury of Modern short Plays Agra University Publication
No. 112 Job Training Semester 6 Travel & Tourism Management Course 11 Project Report & Report on the Job Training - I & II Course 12 Enterpreneurship Development History Course 11 A Brief Survey of Modern world from Renaissance to Nepoleon Era Course 12 A Brief Survey of Modern World from1870 AD to 1945 AD Sociology Course 11 Social Disorganization Course 12 Major Problem of Indian Society Economics Course 11 Development Planning & Policies Course 12 Planning on India General English Course 11 Communication Skills Course 12 Business Communication

B.A. (Vocational)

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