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New Delhi
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Starts On request
New Delhi
University Road , Delhi 110007, 110007, Delhi, India
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Course programme


Ist Year

1. Text from al-Qiratul Wadihah Vol. 1 by Waheeduz Zaman al-Keranwi,
2. Basic Arabic Grammar - The following topics are to be taught Word and its
kinds, Masculine and Feminine, Definite and Indefinite, Singular, Dual, Plural,
Sound Masculine Plural, Sound Feminine Plural, Broken Plural,
Demonstrative Pronoun, Detached Pronoun. Attached Pronoun, Genitive
Phrase, Adjectival Phrase, Preposition, Nominal Sentence, The Subject &
Predicate, Verbal Sentence, The Doer, The Object, The Object of time and
place. Conjugation of Past Tense, Conjugation of Present Tense, Active
voice. Passive voice. Patterns of Healthy Trilateral Verbs.
3. Translation from Arabic into Urdu, Hindi or English.
4. Sentence formation.
5. Translation from English into Arabic

2nd YEAR
1. Reading, comprehension and translation of the text.
AI-Qirat al-Rasheedah Vol.I Abdul Fattah Sabri and Ali Omer, Markazi
Bookdapo, Matia Mahal. Delhi.
The following lessons only:
1,2.3,14,16,21,27.28.33,40-1,41 1-11,53,57,59.
Vol. II The following lessons only:
2. Summarizing of the lessions.
3. Define, enumerate and exemplify the following Arabic grammar topics; Inna
and its sisters, Kana and its sisters, the Five irregular nouns, circumstantial
phrase or sentence, noun for specification, healthy and weak verbs,
some irregular verbs, patterns of derived, trilateral and quadrilateral verbs:
Taf 'il, mufa ‘alah. if-al. tafa 'ul, infi 'al, ifte 'al, istef 'al, ifilal. fa-lala, tafa’lala
subjunctive particles jussive particles
4. Reading the passage and answering the subsequent questions in the light
of the paragraph.
5. Translation from English into Arabic.
6. Analysis of the sentences.

1. Text from al-Qirat al-Rasheedah by Abdul Fattah Sabri and Ali Omer (Selected
lessons from Vol. Ill and IV)
Vol. Ill-lesson bearing the following Nos:
3,6,15, 17, 40, 41, 43. 51,53, 54, 57, 69.
Vol. IV- Lessons bearing the following Nos:
4-1, 5-II,6-III, 7,9, 19,20,22,31, 32, 35,40,46.
2. Advanced Arabic grammar; the following topics- Absolute object, Object
of reasoning. Object of company. Declinable and undeclinable noun, noun
of instrument, Noun of place and time. Comparative and superlative Degrees,
Ism al-sifah. Noun of exaggeration, Is m al-Maqsoor, Ism al-Manqoos,
Particles of conditions and Asma al-Afal.
3. Composition of short essays.
4. Letter writing in Arabic
5. Re-wrting passages by putting vowels
6. Summarization of the lessons

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