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New Delhi
University Road , Delhi 110007, 110007, Delhi, India
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PAPER I : Computer Fundamentals and Software Packages
Computer Fundamentals: Logical organization of a computer, memory, inputoutput
devices, secondary storage devices, data representation.
User Computer Interface: User interface with the operating system (Linux/
Windows), settings of monitor display, installing a new hardware and software,
disk clean up, virus detection, protection and removal utilities, security of
files, folders and networked drives, importance of passwords,
Document Preparation: Creating documents, formatting text, use of appropriate
fonts, styles, layouts, mail merge, tables and pictures.
Spreadsheet Handling: Creating spreadsheet, use of labels, formatting text,
date and time, mathematical, statistical and logical functions, graphs.
Multimedia: Multimedia basics, hardware, software; file formats, storage and
standards; multimedia system architecture paradigms.
Presentation Software: Preparing a presentation including animation, sound,
transitions and objects.

PAPER II : Database and Internet Technologies
Databases: Introduction to databases, database architecture, relational
database system, constraints, data manipulation, database design using ER
diagrams and normalization, SQL.
Internet Technology: Introduction to network terminology -LAN, MAN, WAN,
transmission media and network topology; internet and intranet, LAN interconnection
to internet; internet services-file transfer, remote login, electronic
mail, e-mail configuration; Web technology: webmail, World Wide Web, web
browser, web server and its capabilities, static and dynamic web documents,
designing web pages using HTML, hyper- links, tables, frames, images, forms;
hosting options and domain name registration; Java Script, dynamic HTML;
dynamic web page generation techniques using ASP.


Elective I :
Programming in Visual Basic (VB)
Identifiers, data types, assignment, operators and expression types, I/O
statements, control structures, structure of VB program, built-in and user
defined types, subroutine, functions, public, private, and static; and Dim
Forms and built in controls, properties and events, code module, scale modes,
printer object (printing text, setting fonts, graphics), common dialog boxes,
picture controls, image-controls, send keys, MS- Common controls, error
handling, classes, control arrays, MDI, SDI, file handling - text files.
Database Interface: Review of ANSI SQL, ODBC, DB- engine, workspaces,
databases, recordsets, data bound control, Active X controls, ADO, Active X
Data controls, RDO, data view window, data environment designer, data report
Use of Visual Basic (VB) for transaction management, concurrency control,
interfacing with RDBMS, backend stored procedure usage.

Elective II
Multimedia Systems and Applications
Multimedia Input Devices : Scanner, digital camera, microphone, video camera
type setter.
Multimedia Output Devices : Sound/speaker, colour monitors, printers, storage
devices: CD Roms, DVD.
Coding and Compression Formats for Image, Audio, Video.
Nonlinear Form of Presentation : Hypertext, hypermedia, human/ computer
Cognitive Aspects of Information Transfer: Various models of structuring of
content methodology for developing multimedia CDROMs.
Use of Multimedia tools: Sound editor, video editor, animator, authorising tools
Multimedia databases, multimedia applications in education, libraries
publishing, art and culture, medicine and industry.

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