BA in Economics

Salesian College
In Sonada

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Sonada
Duration 1 Day
  • Bachelor
  • Sonada
  • Duration:
    1 Day

Where and when
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Salesian College, Sonada - (Post), Darjeeling - (Dist)., 734219, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
Salesian College, Sonada - (Post), Darjeeling - (Dist)., 734219, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

The Salesian College offers Bachelor degree in Economics. As per necessity of N.B.U. in order to be entitle for registration at the College, a student must have secured the passing % estimated from the best of 4 admitting English & barring Environment Study. To be entitle for the Honors program, a student should have secured either:
i) fifty-five percent grades in the total or
ii)fifty-five percent in the total & sixty percent in the subjects of choice at the P.U.C. or +2 exam

The curriculum includes

Branch 1 Theme 1 : Micro-Economics
· Consumers Behavior
· Producers Behavior
· Market Morphologies
· Theory of Distributions
Lesson 2 : Macro-Economics
· National Incomes
· Finance
· Quantity Theories of Money
· Says Law of Markets
· Keynesian Theories of Income & Employment
· Theories of Interests
· Banks
· Concept of Inflations ,Deflations & Stagflations
· Principle of Taxations
· Global Trades
Lesson 3 : Indian Economics
· Characters & cases of under-development of the Indian Economic system
· National Incomes of India
· Populations
· Dualisms in the Indian Economic system
· Agricultures
· Industries
· Banks
· Indian Public Finances
· Indian Foreign Trades
· Indian Planning

Branch II Lesson 4 : Section A - Development Economics -
· Difference within Economic outgrowth &Economic evolution
· Growth designing & its requirement
· Populations & Economic Growth
· Function of Capital Formations in L.D.C.s & its Problem
· Foreign Investments
· Function of I.M.F. & World Banks in Economic Growth of the L.D.C.s
Lesson 5 : Section B - Elementary Statistics

Significance of Statistics, Variables & Attribute, Primary & Secondary Datas, Populations & Samples, Complete Enumerations(or Census) & Sample Surveying, Classifications, Tabulations
· Chart & Diagram
· Frequency Distributions
· Measure of Central Tendencies
· Measure of Dispersions

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