BA (Hons) in English

University of Kalyani
In Bardhaman

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Bardhaman
Duration 3 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Bardhaman
  • Duration:
    3 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
: University of Kalyani, Kalayani, Nadia, West Bengal, 741235, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
: University of Kalyani, Kalayani, Nadia, West Bengal, 741235, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

Part – I No. of lectures to
be delivered
Paper – I (From the beginning to 1400)
a) History of English Literature : Anglo-Saxon
b) History of English Literature : Middle English
c) Literary Types : Lyric, Novel, Tragedy, Comedy
d) Literary Terms : Humanism, Classicism, Neoclassicism,
Romanticism, Realism,
Naturalism, Image, Symbol, New Criticism,
Modernism, Post-modernism, Structuralism

Paper – II ( From 1400 to 1642)
a) History of Literature of the period
b) Drama
i) Christopher Marlowe : Dr. Faustus (Worldview ed.)
ii) William Shakespeare : Macbeth (Arden ed.)
iii) William Shakespeare : Twelfth Night (New Cambridge ed.)
c) Poetry

i) Sidney : ‘Loving In Truth’
ii) William Shakespeare: ‘Shall I Compare Thee to a Summe r’s Day’ (sonnet no. 18)
‘Let Me Not to the Marriage …’ (sonnet no. 116)
‘My Mistress’ Eyes are …’ (sonnet no. 130)
iii) John Donne : ‘The Sunne Rising’,
‘Goe and Catch a Falling Star’
iv) Henry Vaughan : ‘The Retreat’
v) Andrew Marvell : ‘To His Coy Mistress’
d) Explanation from (b) and (c)

Part – II No. of lectures to
be delivered
Paper – III ( From 1642 to 1798 )
a) History of Literature of the period
b) Drama
R.B. Sheridan : The Rivals
c) Poetry
i) John Milton : ‘Lycidas’
ii) John Dryden : Mac Flecknoe
iii) Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock (Cantos I-III)
d) Prose
Jonathan Swift : Gulliver’s Travels, Books I & II
e) Essay
Joseph Addison : ‘The Vision of Justice’
‘Sunday in the Country’
Richard Steel : ‘Recollections of Childhood’
Oliver Goldsmith : ‘Beau Tibbs’
‘Man in Black

Paper – IV (Uses of English)
1. a) Philology (including word notes)
b) Phonetics :
i) Phonemic transcription of words (according to Advanced Learners’ Dictionary)
ii) Speech sounds (a) Vowels and (b) Consonants and (c) S yllable structure in English
iii) Stress, rhythm and intonation (weak and strong forms)
c) i) Identification and explanation of figures of speech
ii) Scansion
d) Literary Essay

Part – III
Paper – V (From 1798 to 1832) No. of lectures to be delivered
a) History of Literature of the period
b) Poetry
i) William Blake : ‘The Lamb’
‘The Tyger’
ii) William Wordsworth: ‘Ode on the Intimations of Immortality on Recollections
of Early Childhood’
‘Tintern Abbey’
iii) S.T. Coleridge : ‘Christabel I’
iv) P.B. Shelley : ‘One Word is Too Often Profaned’
‘To a Skylark’
‘Ode to the West Wind’
v) John Keats : ‘Ode to a Nightingale’
‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’
c) Novel
Jane Austen : Pride and Prejudice
d) Essay
i) Charles Lamb : ‘Dream Children : a Reverie’
‘Superannuated Man’
‘Poor Relations’
ii) William Hazlitt : ‘On Going a Journey’
‘ On Familiar Style’
Paper – VI (From 1832 to 1922 )
a) History of Literature of the Period
b) Novel
Charles Dickens : A Tale of Two Cities
c) Drama
i) George Bernard Shaw : Arms and the Man
ii) John Millington Synge : Riders to the Sea
d) Poetry
i) Alfred Tennyson : ‘The Lotos Eaters : a Chorice Song’
ii) Robert Browning : ‘The Last Ride Together’
iii) Matthew Arnold: ‘Dover Beach’
iv) Thomas Hardy : ‘The Darkling Thrush’
v) W. B. Yeats : ‘Wild Swans at Coole’
vi) G.M. Hopkins : ‘Pied Beauty’
vii) Edward Thomas : ‘Cockcrow’
viii) T.S. Eliot : ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’
ix) Wilfred Owen : ‘Strange Meeting’
f) Explanations from (c) & (d)
University of Kalyani Honours Course in English
Paper – VII (From 1922 to the Present ) No. of lectures to
be delivered
a) History of Literature of the Period
b) Drama
John Osborne : Look Back in Anger
c) Poetry
i) W.H. Auden : ‘Musée des Beaux Arts’
ii) Louis Macneice : ‘Bagpipe Music’
iii) Seamus Heaney : ‘Digging’
iv) Dylan Thomas : ‘A Refusal to Mourn the Death by Fire of a Child in London’
v) Philip Larkin : ‘The Whitsun Weddings’
vi) Ted Hughes : ‘Hawk Roosting’
viii) Stephen Spender: ‘The Express’
d) Novel
George Orwell : Animal Farm
e) Prose
i) Joseph Conrad : ‘The Lagoon’
ii) D. H. Lawrence : ‘The White Stocking’
iii) James Joyce : ‘Araby’
iv) Viginia Woolf : ‘The Mark on the Wall’
v) H.E. Bates : ‘The Ox’
vi) Katherine Mansfield : ‘The Fly’
vii) O’ Henry : ‘A Retrieved Reformation’
viii) Ruskin Bond : ‘The Coral Tree’
f) Explanations from (b), (c),(e)
Text Recommended for (c)
1. Palgrave’s, Golden Treasury,
2. Phyllis M.Jones (ed.), Modern Verse 1900-1950 (OUP 1969),
3. A Alvarez (ed.), The New Poetry (Penguin 1962),
4. Kenneth Allott (ed.),Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse (Penguin 1953)
Text Recommended for (e)
1. Michael Thorpe(ed.) , Modern Prose
2. Ruskin Bond, Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories
Paper – VIII ( Special Author and Critical Appreciation )
One of the following special authors
1. John Milton
a) Drama
Samson Agonistes
b) Poetry
i) ‘L’ Allegro’
ii) ‘Il Penseroso’
iii) Paradise Lost, Book I
University of Kalyani Honours Course in English
2. Rabindranath Tagore
a) Drama
b) Poetry
Geetanjali Nos. 30, 35, 49, 56, 73 20
c) Essay
‘My School’
‘Civilization and Progress’
d) Short Story
‘The Parrot’s Training’
‘The Patriot’
3. Hemingway
A Farewell to Arms
b) Prose
A Moveable Feast
c) Short Story
i) ‘Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber’
ii) ‘Snows of Kilimanjaro’
iii)‘A Clean Well-Lighted Place’
iv)‘Hills Like White Elephants’
v) ‘The Undefeated’
4. T.S. Eliot
a) Poetry
i) ‘Preludes’
ii) ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’
iii) ‘The Hollow Men’
iv) ‘Journey of the Magi’
v) ‘Marina’
b) Drama
Murder in the Cathedral
e) Essay
‘The Metaphysical Poets’
5. D.H. Lawrence
a) Poetry
i) ‘Snake’
ii) ‘Piano’
iii) ‘Bat’
b) Novel
Sons and Lover
c) Short Story
i) ‘The Prussian Officer’
ii) ‘England, My England’
iii) ‘Odour of Chrysanthemums’
6. i) Critical appreciation of a poem
ii) Substance and critical appreciation of a prose Passage

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