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Course programme


PAPER - I Theory (Unit - I) 38 marks
Theory of Indian Music (General) & Biographies of important
Musicians, Composers and Musicologists.
There will be three sections; Candidates shall have to answer one
question from each section, and two from any of the three sections,
thus five questions in all.

Section - I
Study of the following terms:
(a) Nad, Pitch,Timbre,lntensity, Shruti, Swar, Saptak, Vadi, Samvadi,
Anuvadi, Vivadi, Gamak, Alankar, That, Raga and its Lakshana,
(b) Study of the prescribed Ragas and Talas

Section- II
Biographies of Western and South Indian Musicians - Beethoven,
Bach, Mozart, Thyagaraja, Shyama Sastri, Purandara Das.

Section - III
Biographies of North Indian Musicians -
Jayadeva, Ameer Khusro, Mansingh Tomar, Tansen, Maseet
Khan, Raza Khan, Faiyyaz Khan, Abdul Karim Khan, Allauddin

PAPER - II Theory (Unit 1) 38 marks
Ancient and Medieval history upto Sharngadev and study of
Ragas and Talas of I & II Year.
There will be three sections. Candidates shall have to answer two
questions each from sections I and II and one question from
section III. Thus five questions in all.
Note : - Writing of compositions in notation is compulsory.

Section - I
1. Samvedic Music.
2. Brief study of the musical references found in the Ramayana and the
3. Study of Natyashastra with reference to Jati and instruments.
4. Study of Brihaddeshi with special reference to Ragas.
5. Study of Sangeet Ratnakar with special reference to swara, classification of
Ragas, Anibaddha and Nibaddha gana and Sthaya.

Section - II
1. Detailed study of the Ragas and Talas prescribed in I & IInd year.

Section - III
1. Writing of Composition in notation : Vilambit khyal, Dhrupad, Dhamar,
Maseet Khani gat, Razakhani gat. Also Razakhani gat in any tala other
than Teental.


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