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New Delhi
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PAPER I : Fundations of Operational Research
Basics of O.R. : Origin & Developent of O.R. Definition, Meaning and Different phases of O.R. Study, Scope and Limitations of O.R., Mathematical Formulation of O.R. problems. Linear Algebra: Determinant, Rank and Inverse of a Matrix, Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors, Vectors Space, Linear Dependence and Independence, Solution to System of Linear Equations, Basic Solution, Basis and its properties. Convex Sets and their properties : Extreme points and hyper plane.
Statistics : Measure of Location, Dispersion, Skewness & Kurtosis,
Probability: Definition, Addition and Multiplication Law of Probability, Baye’s
Theorem, Random Variable and Mathematical Expectations.
Probability Distribution: Discrete (Binomial, Poisson and Geometric) and
Continuous (Uniform, Exponential and Normal), Correlation and Regression, Estimation and Test of Significance of X and S2 .

PAPER - II : Operational Research - I
Linear Programming
Linear Programming: Concepts and Problem Formulation, Graphical Method, Simplex Method, Two-phase Simplex Method, Duality in L.P., Dual Simplex Algorithm, Senstivity Analysis, Transportation and Assignment Problem. Game Theory : Solution of two-person- zero sums game and its equivalence to L.P.P. Inventory Management
Concepts and problems in inventory management. Classification of items: ABC,
VED & FNSD. Different costs in inventory systems. Deterministic inventory
models with or without shortages and with or without lead time. Safety Stock
level. Single period stochastic inventory models.
Queueing Theory
General concepts of queueing system. Measure of performance, Arrival and
service processes, single server and multi server models, channel in parallel and in series with limited and unlimited size. M/M/I, M/M/C, Birth and Death queueing systems.

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