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New Delhi
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Unit 1 : Introduction to Psychology : A Science and a Perspective;
Origins and Developments in the discipline ; Methods :
Experimentation and Case Study

Unit 2 : Biological Approach : The Phsiological System : Neurons,
Nervous System : Interaction of Mind and Body;
Hereditary bases of behaviour.

Unit 3 : Cognitive Approach : Perspectives on Consciousness,
Perception, Learning , Memory, and Problem solving.

Unit 4 : Developmental Approach : Methods and Issues in the
study of Development; Cognitive Personality and Social
Development: Contributions of Piaget, Erikson, KohIberg
and Vygotsky.

Unit 5 : Socio-cultural Approach : Socialization; Understanding
self and others; Culture. Self and Society.

Course 003 Social Psychology
Unit I : Introduction : Historical foundations; Levels of
social behaviour; Approaches towards understanding
social behaviour.

Unit 2 : Individual Level Processes : Social-Cognition and

Unit 3 : Interpersonal Processes : Communication, Attraction,
Prosocial behavior. Aggression.

Unit 4 : Group Dynamics : Cooperation, Conflict, Identity
Issues. Intergroup Conflict

Unit 5 : Social Issues : Youth, Relationship with significant
others; Gender and social inequality; Issue of
intimacy, sexualily and work.

Unit 1 Basic Concept s : P s y c h o l o g i c a l d istress,
Abnormality and Psychological Wellbeing. 6
Unit 2 Theoretical Perspectives : Biological, Familialcultural,
Cognitive, Behavioural and Intrapsychic. 8
Unit 3 : Psychological Disorders : (Only clinical picture)
with reference to latest DSM system : 10
(a) Types of Developmental Disorders : Mental
retardation, Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability.
(b) Clinical States : Anxiety disorders- Obsessivecompulsive
disorders (OCD), Mood Disorders -
unipolar, bipolar, and Schizophrenia - disorganised,
catatonic, paranoid and simple.
Unit 4 Dealing with Psychological Distress Marks : 6
Unit 5 Enhancing Psychological Well Being :
Optimism and Happiness

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