Bachelor of Construction Technology

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University
In Patan

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Typology Bachelor
Location Patan
  • Bachelor
  • Patan


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PB 21, University Road , 384265, Gujarat, India
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Starts On request
PB 21, University Road , 384265, Gujarat, India
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Course programme

Bachelor of Construction Technology

Semester-I Semester-II
1MT01 Engineering Materials-I 2MT02 Engineering Materials-II
1SK01 Engineering Drawing-I 2SK03 Engineering Drawing-II
1SK02 Workshop-I 2CT03 Surveying & Levelling-II
1CT01 Surveying & Levelling-I 2ST02 Structure-II
1ST01 Structure-I 2CT04 Construction Technology-I
1HU01 Mathematics-I 2HU03 Mathematics-II
1HU02 English Communication-I 2CT05 Field Studies-II
1CT02 Field Studies-I 2HU04 English Communication-II
2HU05 Computer-I
1st Year Summer Training
Semester-III Semester-IV
3MT03 Engineering Materials-II 4ST05 Basic Geotechnical Engineering-I
3ST03 Basic Geotechnical Engineering-I 4SR02 Building Service-II (Electrical)
3HU06 History of Technology 4ST06 Structure-IV
3SR01 Building Service-I 4CT08 Construction Technology-III
3ST04 Structure-III 4SR03 Applied Hydraulics
3CT06 Construction Technology-II 4PP01 Quantity Surveying & Specification-I
3CT07 Field Studies-III 4CT09 Field Studies-IV
3HU07 Computer-II 4HU08 Environment and Development
3SK05 Building Construction Drawing-II 4SK06 Building Construction Drawing-III
2nd Year Summer Training
Semester-V Semester-VI
5CT10 Construction Technology-IV 6CT11 Project Training
5SR04 Urban Infrastructure Technology-IV
5PP02 Quantity Surveying & Specification-II
5ST07 Structure-V
5MT04 Material Science
5HU09 Self Development-I
5MG01 Project Management-I
Semester-VII Semester-VIII
7CT12 Construction Technology-V 8SR06 Infrastructure-I
7MG02 System Design 8MT05 Concrete Technology
7ST08 Structure-VI Elective-II
7PP03 Engineering Economics 8MG05 Quantitative Methods of Optimisation
7HU10 Self Development-II 8SR08 Air-Conditioning
7MG03 Project Management-II 8CT14 Foundation Engineering
Elective-I 8CT14 Remote Sensing and GIS
7MG04 Human Resource Management 8ST10 Structure-VII
7SR05 Fire Frightening Systems & Elevators 8ST11 Structure Failures & Rehabilitation
7CT13 Tools. Equipments & Plants 8PP04 Professional Practice-I
7ST09 Formwork & Scaffolding 8MG06 Project-I
Office Training 4th Year
Semester-IX Semester-X
9SR09 Infrastructure-I 10IS02 Thesis
9MG07 Marketing Management
9MT06 Advance Concrete Technology
Quality Management
9SR10 Water Resources Engineering
9IS01 Independent Study
9PP05 Professional Practice-II
9PP06 Valuation
9MG08 Project-II
9ST13 Enabling Structures

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