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Marwar Engineering College & Research Centre, Highway No. 112, P.O/Vill.- Kharda Bhandu, Barmer Road, 342001, Rajasthan, India
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Marwar Engineering College & Research Centre, Highway No. 112, P.O/Vill.- Kharda Bhandu, Barmer Road, 342001, Rajasthan, India
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Course programme

Bachelor of Education

In the syllabus of this course priority is given to child welfare and nutrition. The training is based on modern teaching methods and activities like play and learn.

(i) SYLLABUS FOR IST YEAR:- The theory papers are as follows:-
Paper one:- Principles of Education and Education in Modern India.
Paper Two:- Education Psychology
Paper Three:- Mother Language and Teaching methods (Hindi)
Paper Four:- Mathematics and Teaching methods
Paper Fifth:- Environmental studies and Teaching methods (Social and physical environment.
Paper Sixth: Health Education, Physical Education and Teaching methods
Paper Seventh:- Work experience/S.U.P.W. Socially useful productive work and Teaching Methods.
Paper Eighth:- Art Education and Teaching methods.

Practice Teaching:-
(a) Micro teaching skills:- Various micro skills are taught like skill of fluency in question, skill of probing, skill of illustration, skill of black board writing, skill of reinforcement, skill of stimulus-variation, skill of induction etc.

(b) Introduction to practice teaching Programme:- After practicing the skills of micro teaching the trainees are sent to schools for the introduction of teaching which is for 10 days. They teach classes from K.G. to VIIIth using modern teaching methods as per the standard of students. During this period they also learn the office work, how to conduct exam, how to keep office records, preparing report sheets, progress reports, organize extra curricular activities, do survey, social work, labor donation is also performed.

(c) Main subject teaching- The trainees are sent to schools for 48 days to teach various subject like Hindi, Math, Social and physical environment, Arts education, S.U.P.W., Physical and Health Education, Muti class Teaching etc.

(d) Block Teaching Programme- is organized for both the Ist year and IInd year students for a period of 10 days which is held after the practice teaching. In this Programme the trainees do social surveys and other activities, contact the schools do village survey, they teach in the school for Ten days, prepare report for the school activities and child care centers, prepare capsules on learning topics, learn to maintain documents.

(e) Practical work

(a) Physical education and health education:- A file is prepared giving introduction of general disease, infectious disease and their cure, first aid, Yoga Education etc. Also they are trained in gymnastic, tumbling, marching, group race, pyramids etc.

(b) S.U.P.W. :- A file is prepared on various subject like individual cleanliness, neatness, school beautification, Environment care, Health & nutrition, cloth wearing and maintaining according to weather, knowledge of color, making and mixing, preparing albums of various pictures of leaders, poets, flowers, leaves, knowledge of musical instrument, cultural activities etc.

(c) Art Education Teaching- A file is prepared developing the student's creativity, drawing and craft activities, introducing to music, folk dance, folk art and various types of art and craft work.

(d) Moral Education:- file is prepared teaching them meaning, need, importance of morality, discipline, manners, sitting etiquettes, personality development. The student prepares stories on topics like truth, courage, non-violence, honesty, loyalty, friendship, self-esteem, Unity etc. They learn to respect each others thoughts, to organize various events, national & regional, self improvement, tree plantation Programme, learn to serve in regional fairs and help to handicaps, develop the traits like discipline, punctuality, regularity, obedience, self study, Good behavior, co-operation, patience, etc.

(ii) SYLLABUS FOR IIND YEAR:- The theory papers are as follows:-
Paper one:- School management & organization of Pre Primary schools.
Paper two:- Pre primary education in developing India.
Paper Three:- Child development & child psychology
Paper Four:- Child Health Nutrition and Child Welfare Programme
Paper Fifth:- Training of Sense Organs and Educational activities.
Paper Sixth:- Mathematics Teaching and Environmental Studies.
Paper Seventh:- Work with community and Parents.

Optional paper :- English
(a) Behavioral work:- Creation of books and resources
presentation of co-curricular activities

(b) Practice teaching
The students go to various schools for practice teaching for Twelve days. They teach to classes Kg. to Vth using Modern teaching aids & equipments, charts, models, well effective teaching methods, Art Education, S.U.P.W., Hindi, English, Drawing , Craft, Mathematics, creativity etc.
The practice teaching also includes activities done by children themselves for example
-activities for developing concentration like making garlands by beads in thread and on paper also, stitching beads on card paper in particular shapes, making garlands from two needles, pouring water in a narrow shaped bottle etc.
-activities for identification of pictures, colours, shapes, sizes, letters, figures, etc.

(c) Block teaching is done same as it is done in Ist year.

(d) Practical work

* Physical education
* S.U.P.W.
* Art Education
* Moral Education
The work done in these subjects are same as in Ist years but in elaborated way.
Time division during the session:-
In one year- (session) Working days-220
Working Periods- (220x8=1760) for both 1st year & IInd year.

What's new
The teaching methods are based on various effective methods like Dalton plan, project method, Montessori method, education by games, plays etc

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