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Location Roorkee
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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Starts On request
Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, Uttaranchal, India
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Course programme

The main aim of undergraduate education at IIT Roorkee is to enable students to face the wide-ranging changes taking place in the fields of technology, environment and management with confidence. This includes undertaking design, development, construction, production, managerial and entrepreneurial activities, and higher studies in their chosen or allied interdisciplinary fields of study.
The institute lays great emphasis on assisting students in the development of character and self confidence with management traits. To achieve these goals, the curriculum lays more stress on learning and less on teaching. Efforts are made to encourage self-learning, creative thinking, critical evaluation, spirit of inquiry and imbibing the culture of life long learning.
The institute offers undergraduate programmes leading to bachelors degree in many disciplines and also offers five-year integrated dual degree programmes as given earlier.

Core Courses
BT-326 Animal Biotechnology
BT-514 Applied Microbiology
BT-512 Biochemistry
BT-213 Biochemistry & Biophysics
BT-212 Biochemisty
BT-217 Bioinformatics
BT-314 Bioinformatics
BT-223 Biophysics
BT-521 Biophysics
BT-422 Bioprocess Control
BT-322 Bioprocess Engineering
BT-415 Biosafety Bioethics and IPR
BT-412 Biosafety Ethics,Patenting & IPR
BT-413 Bioseparation Engineering
BT-513 Biotechnology Laboratory-I
BT-523 Biotechnology Laboratory II
BT-613 Biotechnology Laboratory-III
BT-620 Biotechnology Project
BT-211 Cell Biology & Microbiology
BT-515 Cell & Molecular Biology
BT-317 Communication Skills
BT-ELE1 Departmental Elective-I
BT-ELE2 Departmental Elective-II
BT-ELE3 Departmental Elective-III
BT-ELE4 Departmental Elective - IV
BT-450 Depatment Project
BT-450Y Depatment Project
BT-324 Environmental Biotechnology
BT-315 Enzyme Technology
BT-228 Fluid Mechanics
BT-511 Fundamentals of Biology
BT-101 Fundamentals of Biotechnology
BT-311 Genetic Engineering
BT-524 Genetic Engineering
BT-221 Genetics
BT-222 Genetics & Molecular Biology
BT-323 Group Discussion and Viva - Voce
BT-522 Immunology & Immunotechnology
BT-224 Immunotechnology
BT-IE1 Institute Elective-I
BT-IE2 Institute Elective-II
BT-IE3 institute Elective-III
BT-IE4 Institute Elective-IV
BT-IE5 Institute Elective-V
BT-IE6 Institute Elective-VI
BT-424 Major Project
BT-313 Microbial Technology
BT-312 MIcrobial Technology
BT-417 Minor Project
BT-321 Plant Biotechnology
BT-328 Plant Biotechnology
BT-430 Practical Traning
BT-215 Principles of bioreaction Engineering
BT-612 Seminar& Term Paper (Self Study)
BT-611 Structural Biology
BT-411 Training & Seminar
BT-226 Transport Processes
Elective Courses
BT-471 Advanced Transfer Processes
BT-614 Bioinformatics
BT-337 Biological NMR
BT-458 Biological NMR
BT-326 Biological Spectroscopy
BT-452 Biological Spectroscopy
BT-456 Biological Spectroscopy
BT-462 Bioreactor Design
BT-420 Bioreactor Design and Analysis
BT-601 Cell & Tissue Culture TEchnology
BT-465 Drug Designing
BT-607 Ecology & Environmental Biotechnology
BT-607 Ecology & Environmental Biotechnology
BT-602 Enzymology & Enzyme Technology
BT-416 Food Biotechnology
BT-472 Food Biotechnology
BT-615 General Biology and Microbiology
BT-615 General Biology And Microbiology
BT-453 Gene Regulation
BT-609 Gene Regulation
BT-463 Genetically Modified Organisms
BT-455 Genomics and Proteomics
BT-610 Genomics & Proteomics
BT-603 Instrumental Method of Analysis
BT-604 Molecular Carcinogenesis & Therapy
BT-608 Molecular Diagnostics & Therapeutic Biotechnology
BT-468 Nanobiotechnology
BT-459 Process Dynamics and Control Engg
BT-336 Protein Engineering
BT-457 Protein Engineering
BT-606 Reproductive Endocrinology & Contraceptive Technology
BT-616 Transgenic Animal Technology
BT-605 Vaccine Development & Productin
BT-467 X-Ray Crystallography
IBT-02 Macromolecular Crystallography
IBT-01 Molecular Separation Techniques
IBT-03 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

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