BAJM (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication)



Rs 20001-30000


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  • Methodology

    Distance learning

  • Duration

    3 Years

  • Start date

    Different dates available

To provide students with basic journalistic skills in various mass media.

To expose students to recent developments in media issues and media research.

To strengthen the foundations for various technologies involved in mass media like computer applications, respective software and hardware in print, radio, television, internet and the likes. This programme would enable the students to work in various media like print, radio, television, internet, and in related fields. Students can start a full-fledged career in journalism or venture into freelancing.



Start date

Distance learning

Start date

Different dates availableEnrolment now open

About this course

Semester Fee: Rs.12,450/- (inclusive of Exam Fee Rs.2100/- & Alumni Fee Rs.200/-) or as revised from time to time. Fees may also be paid one-time. Contact University for details.

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  • Journalism Skills
  • Communication

Teachers and trainers (1)

Arth Prakarsh Institute

Arth Prakarsh Institute


Course programme

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJM)

First Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0028 Fundamentals of Communication Skills 2
BJ0029 Fundamentals of Computers 2
BJ0030 English Literature I 4
BJ0031 Reporting-Theory 2
BJ0032 Reporting-Practical 2
BJ0033 Fundamentals of Journalism 4

Total Cumulative Credits 16

Second Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0034 Writing For Media-Theory 2
BJ0035 Writing For Media-Practical 2
BJ0036 Editing-Theory 2
BJ0037 Editing-Practical 2
BJ0038 English Literature II 4
BJ0039 Introduction To Indian Constitution 2
BJ0040 History Of Media 3

Total Cumulative Credits 32

Third Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0041 Radio Broadcasting-Theory 2
BJ0042 Radio Broadcasting-Practical 2
BJ0043 TV Broadcasting-Theory 2
BJ0044 TV Broadcasting-Practical 2
BJ0045 Photojournalism-Theory 2
BJ0046 Photojournalism-Practical 2
BJ0047 Introduction To Cinema 4
Total Cumulative Credits 48

Fourth Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0048 Advertising-Theory 2
BJ0049 Advertising-Practical 2
BJ0050 Public Relations-Theory 2
BJ0051 Public Relations-Practical 2
BJ0051 Magazine Journalism-Theory 2
BJ0053 Magazine Journalism-Practical 2
BJ0054 Internet & New Media-Theory 2
BJ0055 Internet & New Media-Practical 2
Total Cumulative Credits 64

Fifth Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0056 Environment & Media 4
BJ0057 Media, Society & Development 4
BJ0058 Media Criticism 4
BJ0059 Basic Media Research 4
Total Cumulative Credits 80

Sixth Semester Sub Code Title Credit

BJ0060 Information Society 4
BJ0061 Organizational Behaviour & Media Organization 4
BJ0062 Media Law & Ethics 2
BJ0063 Media Law & Ethics 2
BJ0064 Project 4
Total Cumulative Credits 96

BAJM (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication)

Rs 20001-30000