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Amravati (Maharashtra)
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Hanuman Vyayam Nagar, 444605

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Shree HanumanVyayam Prasarak Mandal, Amravati was founded by the Vaidya Brothers namely Anant Krishna and Ambadas Krishna in the year 1914, as a small Hanuman club. The Vaidya brothers may be rightly regarded as the pioneer organizers of the movement of physical education in Vidarbha Region. The small club thus founded by them half a century ago has now come to be recognized as a National Institution which has also earned some international reputation. When this club was founded, there was a general apathy for physical education. In those times the traditional institutions i.e. Akhadas were viewed with suspicion as places of anti-British revolutionary movement. The Vaidya brothers while founding the Hanuman Club had 2 clear objectives in view. One was to link up the movement of physical education with the national movement of Indian renaissance and the second was to modernize and systematize the traditional Indian system of exercises in such a way as would bring in bold relief the best and knowledgeable elements inherent in it. They had a broad and open mind and hence were also anxious to incorporate into the old Indian system elements from the Western methods and systems of physical education and recreation.


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