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Just the remark of the word Bhangra creates the hands of person go upward in the air and Punjabi drums initiate playing in the head. Bhangra as it is very well known is the folk-dance of Punjab. This type of dance form is called for its upbeats and spirits. It is full of liveliness and energy. It can build any person dancing on floor. Bhangra is a celebration of happiness, life & joy. Bhangra is not a very multifaceted type of art. It's of naive nature that lets everybody take pleasure in this dance. Anybody can learn this form and benefit from its impulsiveness. One does not require any previous training in terms of dance movements. Immediate dancing will make the learner enjoy Bhangra more. Bhangra imparts dancer the freedom to dance the manner the person desires to.

In expressions of Punjabi dance, Bhangra is entirely presented by males with drums being the most necessary instrument wherein females execute a dance type known as 'Giddha'. Like Break-dance, Bhangra has also got admired status worldwide chiefly because of the great number of Punjabis residing overseas. It is certainly factual that not only in Punjab; Bhangra is a favorite dance of populace from different caste and societies also.

Bhangra is a symbol for fruitfulness and harvest. The beginning of Bhangra can be traced back to earliest days when farmers from Punjab danced during the period of harvest singing Punjabi songs. It is a dance type that needs incredible amount of endurance and energy. It is the juncture of Baisakhi that witnesses presentations of Bhangra dances throughout the Punjab.

Baisakhi is a carnival that symbolizes finishing of harvest period. Bhangra is also presented on social events like marriages and births. Though, dancing doesn't essentially need a juncture some times Bhangra is presented with no occasion. Bhangra is presented with drum & cadenced clapping. Performers sing 'Balle-Balle' and 'Hoy-Hoy' to escort the tempo.

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