BI & Data Visualization with Qlikview


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Edureka's Qlikview course is specifically made for professionals who want to learn to use Qlikview for business intelligence and to bring visual insights to the data. This course covers all the concepts of Qlikview tools like Data Interpretation, Designing, Modeling and then dives into advance features of Qlikview like Analyzying the data, Discovering the hidden data and generating attractive graphs and charts.

Course programme

1. Qlikview Starter

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will get an introduction to Qlikview and the other associated components.

Topics - Introduction to Qlikview, What is Visualization, Components of Qlikview, Create Connection, Create Dashboard Report, Report Interface, Sheet Object-List BOX.

2. Script - Code

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn to edit the script and you will understand the working of the different tools to edit the scripts.

Topics - Script Editing, Edit Script Toolbar, Edit Script Menu Commands, Statements Area, Edit Script Tool Pane, Syntax, Creating tabs in the script, Renaming a Field, Chart Object- Bar Chart, Sheet Object- TABLE Box.

3. Script - Relation

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about Tables, Join, its types and uses.

Topics - The Table Viewer, System Fields, The System Table, Join, Keep, Concatenation, Types of Join, Keep and Concatenation, When to use, Which Type, Chart Object-Line Chart, Sheet Object-Multi Box.

4. Script - Loop & Field Handle

Learning Objectives - In this, module you will learn to use the Synthetic Key tables and the ways to resolve the synthetic keys and circular reference.

Topics - Synthetic Key Tables, Circular References, Causes of Circular References, Ways to Resolve Synthetic Keys and Circular Reference, Text Files, Excel Files, CSV Files, Others, Chart Object- Combo Chart Sheet Object- Input Box.

5. Script - Load Type & System Table

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn to generate the data in Qlikview script, cross tables, mapping tables and various other concepts.

Topics - Generating Data in the Qlikview Script, Cross Tables, Mapping Tables, Different Types of Loads, Chart Object - Pie Chart, Sheet Object - Buttons, Sheet Object - Current Selections Box.

6. Script - Incremental Load & Files

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn about data file types, incremental load, Calendar creation and types of sheet objects.

Topics - Qlikview Data Files Types, Incremental load, Incremental load with qvd file, Creating a Calendar, Sheet Object - Radar Chart, Sheet Object - Scatter Chart, Sheet Object - Text Box.

7. Object/Field Formatting

Learning Objectives - In this module, you will learn to perform Object / Field formatting.

Topics - Number Format, Aggregation & Nested level, Calculated Formula, Field Groups, Sheet Object - Grid Chart, Sheet Object - Block Chart, Sheet Object - line/arrow.

8. Data Analysis

Learning Objectives - In this module you will learn to perform Data Analysis like Set, Indirect, and What-If analysis.

Topics - Set Analysis, Indirect Set Analysis, What-if Analysis, Set vs Let, Sheet Object-Mekko Chart, Sheet Object - Gauge Chart, Sheet Object - Slider/Calendar Box.

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