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BodhiSutra is brought to you by eTutelage Eduservices Pvt. Ltd.

We are a Delhi based education solutions company catering to hundreds of learners all across the globe. Our flagship Exceptional Online Tutoring program offers personalized, live, one on one tutoring to school students the world over. Our Smart Learn program provides a free practice quiz every day to students taking SAT and ACT.

We are passionate about training and sharp about technology. The idea behind BodhiSutra is to create a wholseome learning experience using innovative teaching approach and cutting edge technology.

We know that giving you theories on communication types and styles is boring; giving you heavy "gyan" on interpersonal dynamics is tiring and worst still, it doesn't make you either a great communicator or a great people's person. Our program revolves around the concept of experiential learning - you learn because you experience.

Our expert trainers conduct exercises, role plays and games where you are put in a certain situation and asked to react. The trainer and the learners then analyze what factors led to what reaction, what was the impact and what could be changed to get a better impact. It is infinitely more fun than reading handouts on good communication and reading theories.