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Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh)
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Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002 , 202002

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Course programme

Prior to the inception of the post graduate Department of Moalijat in 1985, Moalijat decipline was a section of the then Department of Unani Tib and Surgery, Faculty of Unani Medicine, A.M.U.aligarh. At the time of moalijat section it was imparting teaching and training at under graduate level only. Renound Hakims of that time like late Hakim Ifhamullah Khan sahib, late Hakim Khalil Ahmad Jaisi saheb, late Hakim Syed Ali Haider Jafri saheb and Hakim Mohammad Taiyab saheb, Hakim Syed Maudood Ashraf saheb were imparting class room teaching, hospital clinical training and treating hundrads of patients with their out standing clinical skill and efforts. Except Hakim Abu Bakar Khan Saheb, all of the had oriental back ground and had a vast experience in Matab (Moalijat OPD). Although they had no formal science knowledge but to their best efforts they had tried to incorporate modern methods of teaching and research available at that time. The entry of Hakim Abu Bakar Khan Saheb, Hakim MMH Siddiqui, Dr. MH Hakim, Hakim Abdul Mannan in the department and availability of funds, equipments required staff made it possible to open new vistas in the field of clinical medicine. At present all the teaching staff of the department have scientific background and have post graduate qualification either in Ilmul Advia or in Moalijat or in Modren Medicine. The combination of oriental/scientific knowledge along with post graduate qualification; exposure to the research institutions and supervision/guidance of renound teachers/personalities had developed scientific research aptitude and cofidence in teachers as well as students of the department for better teaching/research in the field of Moalijat

At present the dpartment of Moalijat is imparting theoretical and practical knowledge as per the norms of Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) in the following desciplines of Moalijat.

l. Moalijat.

2. Moalijat. Jild wa Amraz-e-Zohrwiya.

3. Ilaj-bit-Tadabeer.

4. Moalejat Hummiyat.

5. Moalejat Mafasil wa Amraz-e-Amma.

6. Saririyat, Nabz -wa- baul- wa -baraz.

Apart from theoretical and practical teaching, department is actively engaged in imparting clinical training of under graduate and post graduate students in OPDs and IPDs of A. K. Tibbiya College Hospital. To overcome the over crowding of Moalijat OPD, the department is now running two paralell Moalijat OPDs and the average attendance of patients is around 250-300 patients per day and substantial number of patients are admitted in the hospital for training and treating purposes. Over and above, the only Modern Medicine teacher available to the department is substanciating the clinical and research work of the hospital and P.G.students.

Since the inception of the department to date about 70 M.D students have been awarded M.D (Moalijat) degree. The teaching staff and the P.G.students have published near about 36 books and 200 research papers/articles in magazines and in the national and international journals. In addition, the teachers and P.G. students also participated in national/international seminars/conferences/workshops/symposia as and when organised.

Department of Moalijat has a vision for the year 2020 to develop Speciality in different fields of Moalijat. The dpartment possesses sufficient potential for the same especialy in the field of Ilaj-bit-Tadabeer (Regimental & Physiotherapy), and Amraz-e-Jild-wa Zohrawiya (Skin & VD), Amraz-e-Kabid (hepato-biliary disoreders), Amraz-e-Nafsi (Psychiatary), Amraz-e-Ghudad-e-Laqanati (Endocrinology) and Amraz-e-Baah (Sexual disorders).

For the first two desciplines, the department of Moalijat has submitted the proposals for estabilshement of two new departments i.e. Department of Ilaj-bit-Tadabeer (Regimenal & Physiotherapy) and Department of Amraz-e-Jild-wa Zohrawiya (Skin & Venerial diseases) under XI five year plan of Govt. of India. All the necessary formalities have already been completed and their existance will come in near future.

As regard the field of Hepato-Billiary disorder is concerned our system has emence potential to set right the deranged liver functions which is basic metabolic organ of the body with several Herbo-animo-mineral drugs and dietary regimes. In addition to the above, Amraz-e-Nafsi is one of the field of specializations which requires much attention because organic and psychological diorders invariably go hand in hand. Hence the expertise in this field will be the demand of future. Similarly sexual and hormonal disorders are becoming more common due to stress and strain of modern era.

These necessities are felt because the present day World demands rational approach and convecing answers in every field espacally in the age old art of healing. Our emphesis shall mainly be in incorporating the modern advancements with the philosophical concepts of Unani Medicine to come out with a rational answer in explaining the aetio-pthogenesis and line of management of such diseases.

The establishment of these departments/speciality will certainly prove to be a mile stone/ break through in to the world of Indian system of Medicine (Unani) to produce competent Unani physicians/Specialists/researchers trained teachers, who can handle all sorts of cases on extensive knowledge about the fundamental theories/principles of the Indian system of Medicine with modern advances where ever necessary. Such Unani physicians shall be competent to serve in the health services in the country and contribute much to the National Health Delivry System of Govt. of India. If by the grace of God every thing goes well we hope that by the year 2020 these desciplines will be establised in our institution.

BUMS in Molijat

Price on request