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Course programme

This course is aimed at complete beginners, and assumes that you have no programming experience whatsoever. This course enable the learner to create standalone application. Even more you can very advance and interactive application using socket programing, Hardware interfacing etc.

* C# .NET: Getting Started with C#
* C# .NET: Variables
* C# .NET: Conditional Logic
* C# .NET: Loops
* C# .NET: Add Menus to your Forms
* C# .NET: Debugging your Applications
* C# .NET: Methods
* C# .NET: Understanding Arrays
* C# .NET: String Manipulation
* C# .NET: Events
* C# .NET: Classes and Objects
* C# .NET: Manipulating Files
* C# .NET: Databases
* C# .NET: Multiple Forms
* C# .NET: Dates and Times
* C# .NET: Graphics
* C# .NET: Dates and Times
* C# .NET: Socket Programming

C# (C sharp)

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