C++ Programming Course

In Bangalore

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Bangalore (Karnataka)
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52-53, 3rd Floor, Anam Plaza, 8th F Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Near ICICI Bank,, 560034


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Course programme

This program is 50 % theory, 50 % labs. C++ is commonly accessed object oriented language in today's life. It is more rapidly other famous object oriented language,C++ is the ext. of C Language, commonly used all over. It is a influential latest language which can combine power, elegance & flexibility of c & feature of object oriented programming with the object-oriented capability of C++ like data abstraction, inheritance & polymorphism. The laboratory session includes code example précised by the program trainer or those opted by the trainees. During the final sessions of this program, a palin project has to be allocated to all the participants. The focus should be on covering the aspect of C++. Time length: 28 Days This course provides common knowledge about C++ Programming. The laboratory session primarily focus on teaching students about Programming concept. This program is of 28 days (50 % theory & 50 % lab) Modules Included Module One Specification To begin with C++ Preface & Importance of C++ Module Two Specification Basic of C++ Object Oriented Programming Paradigm Basic Concept of Object Oriented Programming Program Features Composition of C++ Program. To create source file. Compile & Link Module Four Specification Tokens & Control Structures Keyword & Identifier &Constants & Operators Scope Resolution Operator Memory management operator Type cast operator Control Structure Specification Function in C++ Function Declaration Function Callin. Function Definition Default Argument. Function Overloading Module Five Specification Classes & objects Objects Classes To create Objects To access class members Object as function arguments Friendly Function Returning Object Module Six Specification Constructors & Destructors Constructor Destructor Parameterized Constructor. Multiple Constructor in a session Module Seven Specification Operator Overloading To overload unary operator To overload binary operator To manipulate of strings using operator Rule of overloading operator Module Eight Specification Class Inheritance Defining derived classes. Hierarchical Inheritance Multiple In - heritance. Module Nine Specification Pointers & Virtual Functions & Polymorphism Pointer to objects This pointer Pointers to derived class Virtual Function Polymorphism Pure Virtual Function Module Ten Specification Streams C++ stream Unformatted I/O operator Formatted I/O operator Module Eleven Specification Files Class for file stream operation To open files using constructor To open a files using open (). To detect end–of-file. File pointers & their manipulation Sequential input & output operation
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