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Important information

Typology Course
Level Beginner
Location Kolkata
Class hours 2h
Duration 12 Weeks
Start Different dates available
  • Course
  • Beginner
  • Kolkata
  • 2h
  • Duration:
    12 Weeks
  • Start:
    Different dates available

C language, the mother tongue of every programmer has his history of about 30 years way back from 1970's. We are in an era of technology where technology changes every 3 years or so, but C is still there where it was, it is self explanatory that how powerful is the language. The most distinguishing feature of this technology is that you can program at any level, from application to hardware and that too in great ease. Being such a powerful and widespread technology it is rightly called the mother tongue of every programmer. Any programmer who can program well in C, can program very easily in other languages.

Purpose of Course
The C language is a common subject studied by every engineer as for now programming is required in every area of technology. This is the hottest subject as per interview point of view, as in most of the interviews of IT and other companies (Like ST microelectronics-an electronic company) a lot of questions are based on C. The course contents are specially designed for the students so that they boost up in their programming skills, logic and creativity which would help them to clear interviews and would be very helpful in their career ahead.
Our Promise
We have designed our course contents very technically and assure you to provide best training in C, & Advance C technology. We have divided our course in two parts i.e. Conceptual part and application part. In conceptual part all the concepts of the language would be taught and in the application part we would be dealing with a no. of projects which are chosen in such a manner that each concept studied in the language would be used in different styles so that the concepts of the language would become crystal clear.

Where and when
Starts Location
Different dates available
96L, S.P. Mukherjee Road, 2nd Floor, Hazra More, Kolkata, 700026, West Bengal, India
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Starts Different dates available
96L, S.P. Mukherjee Road, 2nd Floor, Hazra More, Kolkata, 700026, West Bengal, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

Objective To make enable individuals to make Applications using C Programming (Technical and Functional Knowledge

What you'll learn on the course

C's Character Set
Pre-processor Directives
Integer Number Variables
Program Control

Teachers and trainers (1)

Versicle Institute TechnoloGY
Versicle Institute TechnoloGY

Course programme

Course Outline1.Introduction To C Programming
2.Introduction To the Course
3.Overview to C Programming
  • Why Use C?
  • Uses of C
  • A Brief History Of C
  • C for Personal Computers
4.Running C Programs
  • The Edit-Compile-Link-Execute Process
  • Using Microsoft C
5.Structure of C Programs
  • C's Character Set
  • The form of a C Program
  • The layout of C Programs
  • Pre-processor Directives
6.Your First Program
  • Add Comments to a Program
7.Data Types
  • Integer Number Variables
  • Decimal Number Variables
  • Character Variables
  • Assignment Statement
  • Arithmetic Ordering
  • Something To Declare
  • More On Initializing Variables
8.Input and Output Functions
  • On The Run
  • Input and Output Functions in More Detail
  • The % Format Specifiers
  • Formatting Your Output
  • Custom Libraries
  • Summing It Up
9.Conditional Execution
  • Program Control
  • Logical Expressions
  • True and False in C
  • Using break and continue Within Loops
  • Select Paths with switch
10.Structure and Nesting
  • Think of a number
11.Functions and Prototypes
  • Functions - C's Building Blocks
  • Functions and Local Variables
  • Making The Connections
  • Functions and Prototypes
  • What is ANSI C?
  • The Standard Library Functions
12.Data Types Part II
  • Global variables
  • Constant Data Types
  • Advanced Data Types
  • In Dis-array
  • Point to Point
  • Swap Shop
  • Pointers And Arrays
  • Stringing Along
  • As easy as... B or C?
  • A Sort Of Bubble Program
16.Structures and Unions
  • Structures
  • Defining A New Type
  • Structures and Functions
  • Pointers to Structures
  • Malloc
  • Structures and Linked Lists
  • Header Files
17.File Handling
  • The Stream File
  • Text File Functions
  • Binary File Functions
  • File System Functions
  • Command Line Parameters

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