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Careers Counselling

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Learn to advise others on their career choices. This course will develop your understanding of factors affecting career choices and planning, and your ability to help others plan and achieve career goals. The course is aimed at students who have prior experience or training in a related field such as counselling or social work, but will benefit anyone in their own career planning and development.

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Reviews on this course

Juudit A.
What I would highlight: Much thanks to you to a great extent. It has been such an awesome course and have taken in a ton. It was truly extraordinary to meet you as well and all the staff from the ADL foundation whom I met in the building. Everybody is so pleasant and cordial. Awesome experience. Much obliged to you at the end of the day.
What could be improved: No negative aspects.
Course taken: August 2015
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Andrew W.
What I would highlight: The course was an important learning background as it gave me the information and comprehension for me as a Careers Advisor. The input was great from my coach, and permitted me to focus and work on my assignments that were checked. The remarks were exceptionally useful and extremely valuable. Elegantly composed study material.
What could be improved: N/A.
Course taken: February 2015
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
What I would highlight: Much obliged to you. It has been such an incredible course and have taken in a great deal. It was truly awesome to meet you as well and all the staff from the ADL Academy whom I met in the building.
What could be improved: Everything was positive.
Course taken: August 2016
Would you recommend this centre?: yes

What you'll learn on the course

Life Coaching
Community Care
Counselling Psychology
Decision Making
Coaching Skills
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
IT for adults
IT Development
Skills and Training

Course programme

A good Careers Counsellor must be impartial and objective.

Learn more about the employment industry and about ways to help others (or yourself) develop and pursue a career path that is both achievable and appropriate.

Career Counselling is also a valuable addition to your teaching, counselling, management, life-coaching, or community services qualification. It can improve parents' ability to help their children choose suitable career paths, or student's ability to plan their own career or career change.

This Course is Taught By:
Iona Lister

Her Background: Licentiate, Speech and Language Therapy, UK, Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills.

She has been a clinician and manager of health services for fifteen years, and a trainer for UK-based medical charities, focusing on psychosocial issues, mental health disorders, and also the promotion of communication skills for people in helping roles. As a freelance writer, she contributes articles for magazines, has written four published books, and has written course material on coaching and counselling related fields.

Lesson Structure: Careers Counselling BPS202

There are 10 lessons:

1. Introduction ...Scope & Nature of the Industry

Definitions: career, careers counselling, counselling
Broad employment options
Services offered in the employment industry
Assmptions about career counselling practices
Cross cultural careers counselling

2. Nature of Careers ...What is a career, what makes it successful?

Elements of career building and job seeking
Factors contributing to career success
Realistic expectations
Range of options
Case study

3. Careers Advice Resources ...Brochures, Publications, Web Sites

Employer considerations: qualifications, experience,personality, age, adaptability, productivity, etc
Case study

4. Career Services ....Where can people get help (Social Services, Work Experience, Education)

Career counselling services
Careers and vocational guidence
Vocational planning
Setting goals
Job seeking supportJob seeking strategies
Other services

5. Developing Counselling Skills

Key areas for career counselling
Helping clients focus on reality
Helping clients identify opportunities
Helping clients consider all elements
Overcoming resistance from clients
Listening skills
Questioning skills
Problem solving skills
Essential reality checks
Improving clients predictive ability

6. Conducting a Counselling Session

Why people come to a career counsellor
Strategies to develop trust
A career counselling session
Individuals who know the job they want
Psychometric testing for individuals still choosing a career
Types of psychological tests that may be used
Referring people elsewhere

7. Counselling Students and School Leavers (with little work experience)

Understanding youth
Career counselling for adolescents
Assisting indecisive teenagers
Career counselling for students
Giving advice on study
Choosing a course
Workshops for students
Workshops for university students
Resources for counselling students

8. Counselling Adults (inexperienced or facing career change)

Identifying adult needs The training program
Advice and support during job hunting
Course of action
Career changing
Easiest paths to career change
Challenging path to career change
Starting a business
Case study
Writing a business plan

9. Job Prospecting

Ways of finding work
Supporting clients decisions
Prospecting for work
Tips on getting a job
Writing resumes (CV's)
Preparing for a job interview

10. Nurturing and growing a career once it has started

Getting a job is only the first step in a career
Self management for business people
Marketing and pricing
Case study
Advising clients about career advancement

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.
Learning Goals: Careers Counselling BPS202

Identification of people and organisations which offer career advice or support and the services they offer
Improved ability to distinguish successful from unsuccessful careers, and to prepare for anticipated changes in the workplace.
Skills that will enhance your ability to guide others in the establishment or development of a career.
Ability to plan and execute an effective Counselling Session
Understanding and strategies for dealing with the needs of inexperienced young people.
Identifying and meeting the needs of inexperienced adults or those facing career change.
Understanding of how and where to find employment in the job market.
Appreciation of the need to nurture and grow a career and plan for change.


Undertake research into the scope and nature of employment services and service providers in your region or locality;
Research a career area to identify the kind of work involved, requirements, who offers it, trends etc.;
Role play a counselling session to practise and evaluate your skills in helping a client with a issue;
Conduct research to improve your understanding of what careers counselling entails.
Plan a careers counselling session, including the session goal, timeframe, and anticipated issues;
Discuss career concerns with young people who are leaving or have recently left secondary school;
Discuss with adults their experiences of career change;
Plan strategies to assist young and adult clients deal with common and important identified issues.
What is Involved in Careers Counselling?

This course is accredited by ACCPH and allows you to join as a professional member after completion. Membership allows you to add the letters MACCPH after your name (post-nominals).

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Counselling, Life Coach, Job Prospecting