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Course programme

This course aims at:
CDMA is a digital wireless telephony transmission technique, which permits many frequencies to be used at the same time (Spread Spectrum). The idea of CDMA was earlier made for military use over thirty years back. The standard of CDMA has been used for second generation mobile telephony is the IS- 95 standards championed by QUALCOMM.CDMA uses spread- spectrum skills. Different from competing systems, like GSM, that uses T.D.M.A, C.D.M.A does not give a special frequency to every user. In place of it, every channel does use the full accessible spectrum. Personal conversation is encoded with a pseudo random digital sequence. By 2010, CDMA technology will be widespread worldwide. Half of the Global Wireless clients by 2009 will be on CDMA 2000 & W.C.D.M.A. maximum of India's wireless subscribers will be serviced by C.D.M.A technology (CDMA2000 1X, EVDO, WCDMA/HSDPA) by 2010.

What does it teach?
You will be trained in the fundamentals of CDMA, CDMA rules, Capacity of the System, RF Engineering & other significant features of CDMA Network. This course also outlines a immigration path for a CDMA to a 3G CDMA 2000 system.

Course structure:

: Direct Spread Spectrum
: Spreading Codes
: Speech & Channel Coding
: Diversity, Combining & Anteenas
: IS-95 System Architecture
: IS-95 CDMA Air Interface
: Physical & logical Channels of IS 95 CDMA
: IS 95 CDMA Call Processing
: Soft Handoff & Power Control in IS-95 CDMA
: Description of CDMA 2000 System

This course is meant for:
This course is beneficial for practicing telecommunication engineers engaged in the designing and operation of CDMA- based cellular and PCS network and also by senior or middle level technical individuals.

B.E, B.Tech, B.I.T, M.I.T, B.C.A, B.S.C, M.S.C, P.G.D.C.A, M.S, M.Tech, M.C.A & P.H.D.

Mode of teaching:
Classroom sessions, on PowerPoint slides/discussion, Questions and Answers. All applicant will receive a detailed a detailed course books specially made by our esteemed institute

Regular: Monday - Friday, 2 Hours every day.
Parttime: Weekends, 4 Hours on Saturday and Sunday
Online: Available twenty hrs a day

CDMA Course

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