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Centre for Management Development was set up in 1983 as per the vision of noted philanthropistindustrialist Dr. K. N. Modi. For him responsible corporate citizenship included much more than becoming established business leaders in the chosen area of endeavour. It involved nurturing of excellence, the creation of a talent base and a resource pool that would broaden the horizon of Indian enterprise and its eminence in world arena by exploring avenues that will enable individuals to fully realize their potential. These budding managers would enrich the national fabric and propagate these ideals for posterity. With this as a guiding force behind CMD, the modest genesis made in 1983, has over the course of 23 years blossomed into one of Northern India’s premier Management Institute.The mantle of guidance has now moved over to Dr. D. K. Modi and under his visionary leadership, CMD has further developed as an institution of excellence for providing Management Education, Training and Development, Research and Consultancy. The primary focus is on preparing the next generation of global managers who would accept the challenges of today and tomorrow in Indian and global scenarios.A unique feature of CMD philosophy is to orient the interaction with industry executives into an exchange of academia and practicing managers on a real time basis. The 2500 strong body of CMD Alumni is making the difference in business and industry, both in India and abroad.

Centre For Management Development