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Amritsar (Punjab)
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Amritsar, Punjab

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Course programme

The Guru Nanak Dev University's Faculty of Economics and Business offers Certificate Course in Aviation Management course to its students. The course structure for it is as follows:

History and Job Opportunities in Aviation Sector.
• History of Aviation.
• Awareness about corporate sector.
• Why Aviation sector ?
• Basic Awareness of Ground Jobs & Air Hostesses.
• Personnel Policies in Aviation Sector. (Recruitment, Selection,
Promotions, Retirement, Training & Development, Salary and Perks etc.)
Structure of different air crafts.
• Nomenculature.
• Different sections : cargo, cockpit etc.
• Duties of various crew members.

Geographical knowledge of different Air Routes.
• Name of countries & their capitals.
• Names of different Airports across India & across the world.

Personality development
• Personal Grooming.
• Manners & Etiquette (Table Manners)
• Introduction to Customer Care.

Communication Skills
• English speaking correct Grammar & accent.
• Hindi speaking correct Pronouniciation
• Facing Interviews.
• Public speaking.

• Table Laying.
• Laying a Tea Tray.
• Eating with Fork & Knife.

Project Work
• Models or file work of various air crafts.
• Class Presentation for Communication Skills.

Certificate Course in Aviation Management

Price on request